The detail of One Piece chapter 1031 that upsets fans

Sanji gives up losing his humanity

One Piece never ceases to surprise its readers! After the announcement of the screening of episode 1000 of the anime at the cinema, this is the manga that offers an unexpected ending in chapter 1031.

As the Mugiwara team cook battles Queen, number three of Kaido’s fleet, Sanji has the opportunity to use his Raid Suid to deal with the calamity. But faced with the fear of this advanced technology, created by his father, one of the most hated characters in anime, which takes away the feelings and humanity of its user, in exchange for unprecedented strength, Sanji preferred to destroy the Germa 66 capsule and fight alone.

A decision that necessarily stunned One Piece fans, as the opponent facing the member of the Vinsmoke family is powerful.

Zoro’s promise to Sanji

As if this chapter didn’t have enough twists and turns, Sanji had an important request for his rival Zoro. In previous chapters, Queen discovered the modified body of the man with the bounty of 330 million berrys, because of the experiences of his father Vinsmoke Judge. Indeed, Sanji benefits from a strong body with superhuman resistance, capable of breaking the weapon of Queen the Pandemic but sees his human side gradually dissipate since the beginning of the fight.

If Sanji is to focus on his fight, however, he had a very specific request towards Roronoa Zoro. At the end of the Onigashima war, if the cook definitely loses his humanity, the swordsman will have to finish him off and end his life so that he does not become a bad person.

It remains to be seen whether the Black Leg will manage to control itself. One thing is certain, when this chapter is animated as an episode, it will become one of the fan favorite episodes.