The famous “One Piece” franchise invites itself to Electronic Beaches with news and events

This is called a monument of its kind. Last Thursday, The Liberation Warrior, 103rd volume of One Piece, appeared in Japan.

In the process, the famous manga series entered the Guinness Bookwith 500 million copies sold worldwide.

On the Cannes side, not necessarily a manga to highlight for the famous franchise, which had many fans among the festival-goers who came to vibrate yesterday in front of Charlotte De Witte, Paul Kalkbrenner, Vladimir Cauchemar, Poupie or even Michel.

“The perfect place” to promote new products

To measure this popularity rating, all you had to do was stop by the main entrance of the Electronic Beaches, where members of the team One Piecerecognizable by their T-shirts and straw hats, identical to the one worn by Luffy, an emblematic character.

By answering a quiz, spectators had the opportunity to win bobs, towels, their place aboard a musical cruise scheduled for today.

Or even tickets for the preview of One Piece Redorganized, also today, at 6 p.m., at the cinema Olympia. A new feature film which precisely serves as a bridge between this universe and the Electronic Beaches.

In the film, whose French release is scheduled for August 10, Luffy and his crew are about to attend a music festival. The most popular singer in the world, Uta, daughter of the pirate Shanks, will take the stage for the first time and reveal the exceptional power of her voice.

“We wanted to make the link between cinema and music, with a summer touch. Here is the ideal place”rejoices Adrien Guerra, marketing director for Bandai Namco Entertainment France.

One Piece Odyssey in demo

In the relaxation area of ​​Les Plages, located under the glass roof of the Palais des Festivals, gamers were also able to test the demo of One Piece Odysseya video game that will be released by the end of the year, on PS4, PS5 and Xbox One.

“In France, except at the Japan Expo, it has not yet been presented”says Adrien Guerra.

Notice to those who missed the boat yesterday and Friday: the consoles are still available today…