The first leaks of One Piece chapter 1067 reveal a key fact of Vegapunk

It is increasingly difficult to avoid manga spoilers of one piece. By having to send the manuscripts to different printers in the country, it is understandable that the new chapters of the story of Luffy and company end up being scanned on the Internet in a matter of hours. In fact, it is possible to find them translated into Spanish by fans a couple of days before their official premiere in Japan and Plus Sleeve.

One of the biggest sources of spoilers around the world is Twitter. The suggestion algorithm can betray you and show you something you didn’t want to see until the official release, and that’s what happened to me this morning. Apparently the One Piece Chapter 1067 will continue to leave us with information about the Doctor Vegapunkand now I know one of his biggest secrets.

A perfect skill for a scientist

  • In chapter 1067, Vegapunk reveals that he is also a Devil Fruit user❗❗
  • Specifically, he ate nomi nomi fruitwhich empowered his brain to the point that he can remember any kind of detail, no matter how small
  • This allows you make your head a kind of encyclopediaand as an act of good faith, Vegapunk is working on the possibility of creating its own “internet network”❓
  • It’s not a joke, no, apparently the scientist has put a large part of his brain in a hagar that makes serverY the apple on his head is an antenna that connects with this place
  • In this way, both he and his clones can share information and consult the data of his “big brain” instantly✅

It occurs to me that thanks to this very practical invention, in the future Vegapunk can make everyone have access to his knowledge network. So it would be possible for people to find out everything that happened in the Void Century and the reasons why the World Government hid it for so long, but of course, that would unleash the biggest war in history. Do you think I could hit my last One Piece triple?