The First Slam Dunk sweeps Japan in its debut; It almost doubles Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero at the box office!

The First Slam Dunk“It seems that it is going to become that great ‘surprise’ at the end of the year to crown a 2022 in which Toei It has gone gold at the box office. Because indeed, in case it wasn’t enough to have premiered “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” Y “One Piece Film Red“, a couple of days ago what is about the return of Shohoku to the anime debuted at the Japanese box office. As I already mentioned, it seems that many manga fans have been tremendously satisfied, and hence the brutal figures.

The First Slam Dunk hits a pinwheel dunk in his debut in Japan

has been since @WSJ_manga that the first recorded data from the box office of “The First Slam Dunk” in Japan has been collected and, to be honest, to say that the results have been promising is to be quite an understatement:

  • To start the figures: in his first two days at the box office, The First Slam Dunk has managed to raise a total of 1,296,000,000 yenwith an (approximate) equivalence in euros of 9,093,613.00. ❗
  • How has this translated in terms of viewers? In total, 847 thousand tickets have been sold in its first two days. ❗
  • And how does this compare to other recent anime movies?
    • Regarding Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which led its weekend at the box office, The First Slam Dunk has been far superior. Gohan and Piccolo’s data was from some 498 thousand tickets sold in its first two days. ✔️
    • As for One Piece Film Red, Luffy and company already win. On its first day alone, One Piece Film Red already sold 869,407 tickets, that is, more than The First Slam Dunk in its first two days. ❌

We must also remember that “One Piece Film Red” is located among the 10 highest-grossing anime films of all Japanese history, so any comparison has enough numbers to look bad against the Straw Hat Pirates. Still, I think it is clearly seen that “The First Slam Dunk” has debuted very well in Japanso now it only remains to see how its presence in theaters is progressing.