The French community decides 10 messages that will go to space: One Piece, LoL, Cristiano Ronaldo…

You imagine take your tweets to space? Well, there is someone who has brought it to reality. arkunir is a French influencer with more than 450,000 followers on Twitter who has recently been talked about for his Arkunir Burger, a collaboration with Burger King. But this time he has set the bar much higher, since he has set up a project sponsored by Quersus and N26 in which we will have the opportunity to send various messages into space.

Instead of arbitrarily choosing them while having fun, he decided to appeal to his community. The 10 most popular responses to your post were selected to go on a space trip. As expected with social networks, there are good ones and less good ones. The fans of French League of Legends they got what they expected, as various posts highlighted about the team Kameto is not the only influencer with a smile, other well-known heads of the French community will also make the trip and one of the manga’s panels most remembered by fans as well.

Two messages dedicated to Karmine Corp

The first message that has caught our attention is somewhat irreverent but quite funny… It is the famous SAKEN > Faker that we had already seen in the form of a poster during the KCX 2 of Bercy. Even if the Korean will forever remain the best player in League of Legends history, we have to admit that message in space is classy! We want to leave the next World Cup to the T1 midlaner.

We don’t know if the aliens will have the reference to the second message… karnage got a lot of support in his”fuck kotei” (almost 16,000) which will also go into space. This message refers more to the historic K Corp than Karmine Corp, but in any case it is a nice nod to one of the pillars of the project, the lifelong partner of Kameto.

One Piece and Free Palestine, the highlights of the tweets

Karmine Corp is popular, but other responses have also been incredibly successful. Among them, we really wanted to talk about the big nose of the French influencer Max Biaggias well as a much-discussed but forceful statement: Ronaldo is the GOAT.

The most supported tweet in this competition was nothing more and nothing less than “Free Palestine”while the theme that was seen the most among the Top was one piece: One of Luffy with the space suit ready to take off and another with one of the most emotional panels in the history of the anime and manga industry: Gold D. Roger’s reaction to One Piece.

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