The Full Story of Zoro Shimotsuki and How He Landed in East Blue!

In light of the recent reveal that Zoro is identical to Shimotsuki Ushimaru, we want to understand Zoro’s backstory, sketching out Zoro’s past on the canonical timeline, manga, and sbs facts, assuming that Zoro is the son of Ushimaru.

Some information before you start:

  • Zoro challenging the dojos is an anime addition only, and is NOT CANON. In the manga, Zoro’s story begins with him lying on the ground, after being defeated by Kuina.
  • This sequence of events is based on the fact that Zoro was born in East Blue, as revealed in an sbs

During a question on SBS, a fan asked Oda in what order the members of the Straw Hat Pirates joined the crew. Oda replied, also giving information about the sea in which each of the Straw Hats were born. During a later SBS, Oda provided this information for Vivi.

  • Monkey D. Luffy: East Blue
  • Tony Tony Chopper: Grand Line
  • Roronoa Zoro: East Blue
  • Nico RobinWest Blue
  • Nami: East Blue
  • Franky: South Blue
  • Usopp: East Blue
  • Brook: West Blue
  • Sanji: Blue North
  • Jinbe: Grand Line
  • Nefertari Vivi: Grand Line

For starters, Shimotsuki Kozaburo founded Shimotsuki Village (where Zoro grew up) 55 years ago, after illegally escaping from Wano. He is the father of Zoro’s teacher, Shimotsuki Koushiro, and Kuina’s grandfather. The important conclusion here is that Kuina is also a Shimotsuki.

We would also like to clarify that the scene where Zoro “blushes” when Kuina talks about his chest is only in the anime. We wish to say that she talks about her chest maturing in the manga as well, but Zoro isn’t blushing.

The next thing to note is the location of Shimotsuki Village. Presumably it is close to the Kingdom of Goa (where Luffy grew up). We can infer this from a scene in the post-war arc, where we see Dragon find the revolutionary army to Shimotsuki village after rescuing Sabo in Goa. The takeaway from all of this is that the village of Foosha is part of the Kingdom of Goa.

oda answer

In this SBS, we see Oda address an uncanny resemblance between a carpenter who was fixing Makino’s bar door, and Franky’s boss in Wano.

minatomo one piece

It is revealed that they are brothers, and that the one from Foosha Village left Wano illegally decades ago.


And of course there is the most important line, “ One of the descendants of someone on this ship is someone everyone knows…

This leads us to believe that this line refers to Zoro’s mother, when she was pregnant. For Zoro to be Ushimaru’s son and born in the East Blue, there’s no other way for the story to meet both criteria. This scenario actually makes sense, given the phrase “one of the descendants of someone on this ship.” A synonym for “offspring” is “offspring”, so it could easily refer to its mother.

This is where the question arises: what was Zoro’s mother doing on this boat? To answer, we’ll give you a brief summary of Wano’s timeline.

Before that, it should be known that Zoro’s supposed father, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, was Ringo’s daimyo.

father zoro

28 years ago, Orochi took control of Wano. 25 years ago, Oden returned from his trip. And 20 years ago, Oden dies.

As Zoro was born 21 years ago, it can be assumed that his mother left Wano 21-23 years ago.

During this period, Oden danced. And, interestingly, 23 years ago, Kaido fought Moria in Ringo, and Ryuma’s grave was plundered.

kaido vs gecko moria

With Oden doing nothing to help the situation as far as the citizens know, and the recent battle in their district, Ushimaru had to decide that residing in Wano was no longer safe, and sent his wife aboard the ship. illegal escape.

zoro old

Considering the Carpenter’s residence in Foosha Village, it can be assumed that the ship stopped at a nearby location, Shimotsuki Village, where Zoro’s mother got off and went to her beau’s dojo. -brother (Koushiro) to protect himself.

koshiro one piece

Anyway, going back to the main story, 20 years ago, Oden decides to fight Kaido, and dies the same year. That same year, Orochi asks the other daimyos to submit to his authority, but they refuse and start a rebellion, which is quickly crushed by Kaido. Ushimaru dies here.

wano one piece

Considering Orochi’s paranoid nature, it’s fair to assume that he sent people after Ushimaru’s family, to make sure they didn’t come back for revenge. He learns that Zoro’s mother was pregnant and insists that the child be killed.

Return to the village of Shimotsuki, where Zoro was born and lives with his mother in his uncle’s dojo. Zoro’s mother tells Koushiro to keep Zoro’s true identity a secret, so he doesn’t reveal himself to Orochi by mistake. He takes the name Roronoa instead of Ace took Portgas instead of Gol.

wano shimotsuki

In fact, we have reason to believe that Zoro’s mother told him stories about Wano, without revealing his lineage.

Either way, we’re guessing Zoro’s mother dies, before Orochi’s men can find her.

Remember we said that Kuina is a Shimotsuki? What if Orochi sent his men to kill Zoro, but since he wasn’t the one using the name Shimotsuki, they killed the wrong kid instead? Koushiro, knowing that Zoro would blame himself and seek revenge, decides to paint the incident as an accident.

anime zoro

Other notable information:

  • Ushimaru and Yasuie were at the same time daimyos from different regions but from the same clan. As we know, Yasuie had no family and it was confirmed in Vivre Cards that O-Toko was not his real daughter;
  • Realizing this, Yasuie and Ushimaru may have hatched a plan to keep his wife away in order to preserve the family line;
  • Yasuie was the daimyo of the only ‘correct wearing in all of Wano’, as seen in the flashback with Oden just before his death, he was very proud of this work. We are confident that even after Orochi took over, he knew the ins and outs and could have successfully brought out a ship;
  • When Zoro arrives in Wano, Yasuie immediately grows attached to him, and Zoro is also shown to be very attached to Yasuie. Yasuie was able to recognize Zoro or have a feeling for him, especially due to his resemblance to Ushimaru, a member of his family.
zoro and tonoyasu

The mother and her passion for Wano

First, we’re going to look at Zoro’s ambition: to become the greatest swordsman in the world. As of now, we don’t know how this ambition was planted in him, but what if it was through stories about a certain clan’s master swordsmen? In Thriller Bark, when Zoro meets Ryuma, he already seems to know everything about him and his legends, and claims to have always wanted to meet him. We don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that his mother told him all about Ryuma, and possibly even his own father.

manga zoro

The next thing to note is one aspect of Zoro’s personality. Loyalty. It’s well known how far Zoro is willing to go to express his loyalty, and it’s very reminiscent of how other daimyos like Yasuie believed in Oden until the end, and remained loyal to him, even if they had to. die. We’d also like to point out a particular line from Zoro’s speech to Water 7. “A crew that does not respect its captain is doomed”. It’s reminiscent of all of Wano booing Oden, their savior, and the fate the country ultimately met.

one piece manga

Finally, we would like to mention three fun facts.

The first: Zoro being revealed as Ringo’s rightful daimyo gives weight to this statement to Zou. If his lineage is exposed to the nation, one wonders what kind of reaction they will have.

usopp and zoro

The second: Zoro being Ringo’s daimyo, he is the rightful ruler of characters like Izou, Kiku, and Kawamatsu, all of whom are from Ringo.

The Last: While Ushimaru had Gyukimaru, a fox that can transform into a human, Zoro has Chopper, a tanuki that can also transform into a human.