The good, the bad and the ugly of the Latin dubbing of One Piece – Spoiler Time

Who we are veteran fans of the manga and its anime adaptation one piece possibly we have already seen the more than 1000 episodes in Crunchyroll (including the fabulous remastering of the late ’90s seasons) and we’ve witnessed the great journey of Monkey D. Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji and the rest of the fabulous pirate crew, in search of the great One Piece treasure.

But one of the great things that platforms like Netflix, Prime Video Y hbo max –which are not 100% dedicated to anime as Funimation Y crunchy– is to bring great franchises of Japanese animation to sectors of the public that are not adept at this style in the first instance.

What is One Piece?

Created by the manga artist Eiichiro Odathe story of one piece focuses on the desire Luffy he had since childhood to become a great pirate like his mentor, and thus find the greatest treasure ever conceived and collected by the legendary pirate Gold Roger. Luffy he ate one of the so-called “devil fruits”, which gave him incredible powers of elasticity, but with the “Achilles heel” of being vulnerable to water… and still he wants to go to sea!

Many have explored why one piece is so successful and long-lived (the manga has collected 102 volumes since 1997, consistently breaking sales records in Japan and internationally), but it all comes down to this: the charisma of the characters, the right balance and family (without being goofy ) between comedy and action, in addition to the inexhaustible inspiration and sympathy that prints Ode in their stories they have made the series prevail and win in audiences like Naruto Y dragon ball on Japanese television, clearly comparing as an anime-style series “ongoing” (continuous broadcast, not seasonal).

And the jump to Netflix… with dubbing!

Now, 20 years after its original release in Japan (and at least 10 in our region), finally Toei Animation Y Netflix decide to carry out an arduous Latin dubbing, led by Arturo Castañeda (son of Mario Castanedathe voice of Goku in Dragon Ball Z onwards) and with the excellent translation of Brenda Nava.

And that immediately triggered even more fans of the saga in NetflixWell, when you have an animated series or movie with dubbing, there is an audience “who doesn’t like to read subtitles” that adds up in even greater numbers. Sad but real phenomenon in Latin America…

However if you “go back in time” on Twitter, You will notice that fans of dubbing and anime did not welcome the dubbing, especially because of the casting who apparently did Castanedaalthough with the experience we have in it, we know that it does not necessarily depend on the director.

Actually, we mostly like the Latin dub of one piecebut we do have 3 aspects to comment on:

The good

It is evident that all the Latino actors and actresses gave their best performances. There is no reluctance or lack of talent in the great Mireya Mendoza What Luffy, Dafnis Fernandez What Zoro, Georgina Sanchez In the role of Nami, Alejandro Orozco What Usopp, Noe Velazquez What Sanji or the great Oscar Flores like the skeleton Brook.

Both the dramatic scenes and the comedy and joke sequences show the effort of the entire cast to match – and sometimes even EXCEED – the sonic wonders that the seiyu Japanese have achieved for years. And as the episodes and arcs progress, they have become accustomed to their respective characters. Nice job!

The bad

Although I appreciate the trajectory, experience and talent of Mireya Mendoza in the starring role of Monkey D Luffy (with 23 years in dubbing and characters as fabulous as Mari in Rebuild of Evangelionusual voice of Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfried Y Jessica Chastain, and dubbing director Castlevania). But although the voice he gives to Luffy It’s mostly cool I can’t help feeling repeatedly that it is a woman who is speaking.

Why is this detrimental to the character? The original voice of Are Goku in Japan is performed by the extraordinary Masako Nozawa (85 years old), who never, EVER sounds like a woman in the role of Kakaroto, being one of the most emblematic and beloved characters in anime.

And in Spanish? Well, just the voice of Goku child in our language is that of Laura Torreswho also played Nobita in Doraemon, always “sounding” like a boy and not like a girl? And what about Marina Huerta like the voice of Bart? Did she ever sound like a girl? Do not!

It is a matter of interpretation and a little more effort to give Luffy the masculine (but irreverent and funny) voice that characterizes him in Japanese… hopefully that will be polished soon.

the ugly

We hate and will never tolerate the harassment and bullying they suffered Arthur Castaneda and some cast members on Twitter. That is not worth it!

It’s one thing to disagree as a fan of a casting or Spanish voice of one of our favorite characters, it’s quite another to so hostilely attack these talented and dedicated actors, actresses and directors.

It’s not okay! We are enthusiastic and devoted to good Latin dubbing and we want you to continue doing this excellent work.

Enjoy one piece in Netflix (with dubbing) and premiere episodes and simulcast in Crunchyroll!