The history of One Piece, what is this anime about?

One Piece is a manga series that has been written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda published weekly in Japanese magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from the July 22, 1997 and which has managed to become the most popular manga series and successful throughout history.

One Piece: The Best-Selling Manga Series Ever

This series currently has more than 20 years being published continuously, having published more than 98 compiled volumes and inspired an animated adaptation he makes Toei Animation which is broadcast by Fuji TV from the October 20 to this day.

One Piece story and plot

Legendary Gold D. Roger “The King of the Pirates” would be publicly executed, but before he died his last words were that his treasure, the One Piece, it was hiding somewhere on the Grand Line, and that anyone who will find it, could take it as their own. His words would be the beginning of the great era of piracy.

One Piece is the most popular saga of the moment

Now 22 years later Monkey D. Luffy 17-year-old has decided to become a pirate and go in search of the One Piece to thus become the “Pirate king”.

The protagonist of this story, Luffy and his great ambition has always been to become the Pirate king, so to fulfill his dream he goes to the sea in search of the One Piece, but he will not be able to achieve it alone, that is why throughout his trip he goes in search of companions to help him meet your goal.

Main characters of the One Piece saga

The Straw Hat Pirates are the One Piece protagonists, each one has a dream which they want to fulfill, but they will only be able to do it if they manage to pass all the tests that the Grand Line for them.

Monkey D. Luffy

Is he One Piece main protagonist and captain of the Straw hat, which went out to sea to become the Pirate king. He is a very young brave and fearless that as a child to prove his worth to Shanks he accidentally ate one of the Devil Fruits, the Gomu Gomu, which made him a rubber man.

Roronoa Zoro

It is an ancient bounty hunter and swordsman that he would join Luffy when he gained his trust, thus being the first of all the Straw Hats to join the band and automatically becoming the vice captain. His dream is to become the best swordsman in the world, as she swore she would once before her friend Kuina.


Is a pirate and the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as one of the main actors of the series. He travels with Luffy after he saves his hometown, Villa Cocoyasi, from the clutches of the pirate Fishman Arlong, and now his dream is make a map of the whole world.


Is he Straw Hat Pirates sniper and as Luffy always dreamed of becoming a pirate, but what he really wants is to be a brave warrior of the sea like his father.


Known worldwide for being a expert cook and by the strength of his legs that earned him the title of black leg, is a young man who joined Luffy in order to find the All Blue, a legendary sea in which they say they meet all marine species in the world.


Tony Tony Chopper originally it was a reindeer, but after eating the Hito Hito became human. It performs as the crew doctor, but in addition to this he has also proven to be a very capable warrior when needed.

Nico Robin

She is a woman who since she was a child was nicknamed a demon because she was the only one survivor of the Clan of Ohara, who seek the truth of the empty century, as heir to the will of his ancestors joined Luffy believing that traveling with him could discover her, thus becoming the crew archaeologist and one more force, thanks to the fact that he ate the Hana Hana That allows him “to flourish”.


Is a cyborg (half android, half human) that led the Franky Family in Water 7, which was a group of ship dismantlers and bounty hunters, but who would join Luffy and his crew to cross the grand line with the Thousand Sunny, a ship that I would create with only one goal: outperform Gold Jackson.


He is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates and a swordsman. When he was still alive he consumed the Yomi Yomi, so after dying became an undead one with the appearance of a living skeleton. Once he met Laboon and promised that he would see each other again, something that not even death could prevent.


Is a fishman whale shark which formerly served as the captain of the Sun Pirates and as a member of the Seven Warriors of the Sea (Shichibukai), but currently serves as the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. His dream is the same as that of Fisher Tiger, their former captain, and this is the coexistence of humans with inhabitants of the seabed.

Success and influence of One Piece

One Piece it has become the most successful manga in history. More of € 1 billion has generated only the manga series which has been licensed in more than 25 countries, being his anime at the same time acquired, licensed and broadcast at some time by the most relevant television networks.

success and influence of One Piece

One Piece has generated millions of euros since its launch

However, how far does One Piece’s influence go? The series written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda After more than 1000 chapters published in Shūeisha’s magazine, it has become not only the manga series that has generated the most income, but also the most popular worldwide, being known not only among children, but in all kinds of amateur public otaku culture.

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