The improbable first names that Luffy and the Mugiwaras had in the first French version of the manga

Luffy was not called Luffy in the very first French version of One Piece. Do you know his first name?

The French first names of the characters of One Piece in the first versions of the manga

If today, the thousands of French readers can benefit from the volumes of One Piece with the original names of the characters, know that this was not always the case. Released on July 22, 1997 in Japan, the mangaEiichiro Oda will not arrive in France until three years later. It is the Glénat publishing house which takes responsibility for distributing One Piece on French territory, but also to ensure the translation.

Published from July 2000 to May 2013, volumes 1 to 66 of the Old Edition in French version are unique in their kind. And for good reason, the first names of Luffy and Mugiwaras were simply changed. We will have to wait until 2013 and a modern reissue of the manga so that the French version finds the original Japanese names. Here are the unlikely first names that Luffy and his acolytes had in the first French version.

Goodbye Luffy and Nami, say hello to Corentin and Corinne!

In the 2000s, we tried to francize foreign works as much as possible. One Piece did not escape the rule and several first names were changed to correspond to the standards of the time. This is how the main character and beloved by fans Luffy finally called himself Monkey D. Corentin! But he was not the only “victim” of transformation. Here is the list of the various changes made in the French version:

  • Zoro: Terence Sabrelong
  • Nami: Corinne
  • Chopper: Damian
  • Tashigi: Magali
  • Smoker: Colonel Smoker
  • Crocodile: Henry Sandgold
  • Sanji: Sandy,
  • Usopp: Usopp
  • Zoro: Zoro
  • Sogeking: King Dutir (the “king of shooting”, great pun)

Do you want more ? In addition to the names of the characters, certain places and powers are also passed through the translator’s mill. The famous Grand Line on which sails the team of the pirate in the straw hat has become “The road of all perils”. Ditto for the iconic Devil Fruit which will be renamed Fruits of Gum-Gum… Alalala, holy time!