the latest volume of the manga series is successful

“The Alaska Sanders Affair” gives way to “One Piece”

At the top of the Edistat classification for several semances, the novel “The Alaska Sanders Affair” gave way to One Piece which was created by mangaka Eiichirō Oda. While this Japanese fantasy manga series, popular in Japanese culture, seems to appeal to readers according to ranking newsJoël Dicker’s book was propelled to ninth place.

The top publication mbest selling books

The 101st tomand of the manga series “One Piece”, published by Shūeisha editions, is at the top of the Edistat best-selling book rankings, as is “ Life is a novel » by Guillaume Musso in 2021. It is followed by « Guerre » by Louis-Ferdinand Céline. The novel “We will have that” by the writer Virginia Grimaldi completes the top three. Another work of the latter is in the top 10. It is “Les Possibles” which took sixth place.

“One piece” in classsale of Edistat books © Photography Courtesy of Glénat Manga

What is the plot of this new tomand manga?

the manuscript “One Piece” follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy. The latter is a boy who acquired the properties of rubber after accidentallymate a devil fruit. In order to become the next Pirate King, the fictional character embarks on the great adventureexploring the Grand Line with his crew. He goes in search of a treasure notamment known as “One Piece”.

Learn more about “One Piece”

The bestselling “One Piece” was pre-published in 1997 in the mmagazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. In April 2022, 102 volumes are marketed in Japan. Since September 1, 2000, the French version has been published in volumes by Glenat. Note that this is the best-selling Japanese manga in the world according to Wikipedia.

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