The live action of One Piece has a new controversy for the Arlong actor

Actor McKinley Belcher III is now involved in a controversy

In recent years, the live-action announced by Netflix have been mired in controversiesrecently his version of Cowboy Bebop had to be canceled after only one season of progress and, at the time, criticism against Death Note They did not wait with qualifications below the minimum. On this occasion, the arrival of the new actors to the cast of the One Piece live-action has had a response in the public.

All this arises because McKinley Belcher III, an African-American actor known for his role in Mercy Street, will have the place of Arlong, the merman. According to a part of the fandom, this choice for the One Piece live-action has its reason behind the historical role they have. Some of his fans mention that the merfolk race has a history of dealing with issues such as racism and stigmatization, so it was evident that the choice of an actor of African descent playing a newt with these characteristics would raise controversy.

The actor shared a post on social media a photograph of him with the countenance of Arlong and some of the comments say the following:

  • “Considering that Eiichiro Oda wrote the newts as a form of commentary on the effects of racism on people of color, this casting choice is absolutely brilliant.”
  • “My friend… you realize that you were simply given the role of a fish-man… Merfolk in the One Piece universe are mistreated by humans and often enslaved… You are literally being used and you should talk to your agent. casting…”
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The actor’s response to this One Piece live-action controversy

The actor Mckinley Belcher III responded in the following way to the controversy of his choice in the live-action of One Piece: “You are right, in the first part, Arlong has experienced a lot of mistreatment and abuse. But I’m grateful to be able to play a character with that kind of depth, It means I’m in a prime position to do something meaningful while playing a badass character who won’t let men decide her fate.”.

There were also responses from the fandom that celebrated his arrival and supported his response: “I had faith in One Piece live-action because Oda has a hand in it, and even more so because the actors really love the series! Congratulations on the role and I hope you keep practicing that wacky goofy laugh 😂”

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McKinley Belcher III is an American actor, known for his starring roles as Samuel Diggs on the PBS television series Mercy Street, Anthony Carter on the Fox genre drama The Passage, and as Agent Trevor Evans on the Netflix crime thriller Ozark. .

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