The ‘live-action’ of One Piece sees the first images of its filming filtered; The Going Merry is real!

Update: To the images filtered by SugoiLite and Oecuf, we can now incorporate a ‘behind the scenes’ video of her own Netflix. You can see it next, but keep in mind that the ships shown are under conceptual design, and they do not necessarily have to be the final product. Above all, stay with what they are building all kinds of sets to really try to bring the world of “One Piece” to real life.

original news: Now that the Wano war is coming to an end in the manga of one piece, the work of Eiichiro Oda does not stop being a trend one weekend and another too. However, today we have another rise in popularity as a result of a great leak that will interest many fans of this story and who, at the very least, are curious about the adaptation ‘live-action’ that prepares Netflix.

SugoiLite and Oecuf accounts have proven to be totally reliable when it comes to manganime industry leaks. The surprise of the day has come precisely through both sources, and I can finally tell you that we can already throw it a first look at some aspects of the “live action” series of One Piece.

The Going Merry stars in this new leak

  • As you can see from the images above, Sugoi Lite Y oecuf have leaked new information about this long-awaited adaptation❗❗❗
  • First of all we have four photographs taken directly from the setin which the following locations can be seen:
    • The Going Merry sailing the seas (this looks a bit strange in my opinion)❌
    • The Going Merry being built✅
    • A town with mills that could be Fooshathe place where Luffy grew up ❓
    • The baratie restaurant where Sanji works (the image I like the most)✅
  • And secondly we find a new group of actors and actresses who will give life to more One Piece characters:
    • Langley Kirkwood – Captain Morgan
    • Celeste Loots – Kaya
    • Craig Fairbrass – Chef Zeff
    • Steven John Ward – Mihawk
    • Alexander Maniatis – Klahadore
    • Chioma Antoinette Umeala – Nojiko
  • Lastly, I have to remind you that Netflix Geeked will be held from June 6 to 10a five-day event in which many announcements about future projects of the platform will be shared… And One Piece aims to leave news❗❗

Synopsis of One Piece

Monkey. D. Luffy refuses to let anyone stand in his way on his quest to become the king of all pirates. With a path charted through the treacherous waters of the Grand Line and beyond, it’s about a captain who will never give up until he lands the greatest treasure on Earth: the Legendary One Piece.