The longest book in the world, impossible to read: the manga ‘One Piece’ in a single volume of 21,450 pages

The longest book in the world is so big that it cannot be read. It consists of 21,450 pages and in reality it is more a sculpture than a book, a collector’s item. It is a compilation of all the issues that have appeared up to the date of one piece, the popular youth manga series created by Eichiiro Oda. But the book-sculpture is not signed by him, but by the artist Ilan Manuachcreator of this limited edition published by the French publisher JBE Books.

one piece literally means “one piece”. This limited edition in a single volume is titled ONE PIECE and is priced at €1,900. Its reduced print run of 50 copies sold out in a few days after its publication on September 7.

To make this edition, Manouach printed all the numbers in the series in their digital version and stitched them together with a single spine. A spokesman for the JBE publishing house explained to Guardian that ONE PIECE reflects on “the profusion of content available on-line and the rampant digitization of the comics industry.

The fact that it cannot be read, according to JBE, reflects the status of comics as “dual objects”, having a “use value” for readers and an “exchange value” for collectors.

‘ONEPIECE’, single volume compilation of ‘One Piece’ manga by Ilan Manouach. Photo: JBE Books

According to the JBE publishing house, the creation of Manouach based on Oda’s work does not commit any rights infringement of author or edition, since the book created by Manouach is impossible to read. However, Keita Murano, one of those responsible for the international rights of Shueisha, the Japanese publisher that publishes one pieceexplained to Guardian that Manouach’s work is not an official product and that Shueisha has not granted permission to JBE for publication. Likewise, he has recalled that the official publisher of the series in France is Glénat.

one piece It is the best selling manga of all time.. Published weekly by Japanese magazine Shōnen Jump since 1997, it has also been published individually in a collection that already has more than a hundred volumes.

The series follows the adventures of a group of pirates in search of the hidden treasure that gives the manga its name. More than 416 million copies sold, one piece received in July this year the Guinness record to the comic series by a single author with the most copies published.

Oda’s manga has a solid legion of followers in Spain, where it is published by the Planeta Cómic label. Each new issue is usually positioned among the best-selling comics.