The manga that has dethroned One Piece: why it is time to bring Chainsaw Man to video games

The fans of anime they are eating well lately. The fall of 2022 has brought us new chapters of Boku no Hero, many others of Mob Psycho 100 and new series from the likes of Spy Family or Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. But of all of them, the one that enjoys the most popularity at the moment is — to the surprise of no one — chainsaw man.

the animation studio map, who you might recognize from his recent works on Jujutsu Kaisen or the last few seasons of Shingeki no Kyojin, has signed on at the time of this writing for four CSM episodes that have garnered widespread approval from the public; which is no small feat considering the high expectations that were in the air.

It is not difficult to find on the internet anecdotes of the style “I considered myself a fan of Makima even though I had no idea about Chainsaw Man” to illustrate a little how far the fever for the chainsaw boy. The truth is that this enthusiasm has also been poured into the homonymous manga, which already enjoyed unprecedented attention before the premiere of the television adaptation: so much so that it now rivals the very same one piece.

The popular Manga Plus domaingoverned by the CSM comic book publisher in Japan (Shueisha) shows where the preferences of its readers are through a ranking. As you can see, Monkey D. Luffy’s cover surprisingly settles for second place with 13.01% fewer reads. Eiichiro Oda’s work seemed to have no rival at all, but he has found it. Until another surge in popularity arrives with the latest numbers, of course: we’ll see if there is something capable of competing with that.

If you are interested in reading either of the two manga, when you access the web from your internet browser you have access to the first three and last three chapters of each one; while from the mobile application you can unlock all the others for free. Alternatively, you can watch the animated version of both Chainsaw Man and One Piece via Crunchyroll.

Chainsaw Man and video games

Now that Chainsaw Man is doing big in the anime and the original manga is enjoying even more audiences than before, you might be wondering if the IP has any kind of future in the game world. video game. The answer, I anticipate, is a bit bittersweet because at the official level what we have is a fairly empty field of possibilities.

It would definitely not be unreasonable to imagine Denji and company in a hack and slash in the purest style Devil May Cry (in fact, on Wii we had a healthy dose of chainsaws with mad world) but whether the idea comes to fruition will depend on what market studies dictate in Japan and the West, as well as on the will and budgets of the “favorite” studios in this kind of project.

the editors bandai namco Y koei-tecmo many games based on Shonen Jump manga are hanging from their belts, and beyond that we have development studios with experience in similar franchises such as Spike Chunsoft or Omega Force. It is definitely not a question of lack of experience; but it will be necessary to see if the suitable circumstances for a game of tome and loin about CSM to flourish.

Chain Saw Dance

In the meantime, we’ll settle for the nice fan projects. For example, we have Chainsaw Dance browser game which, as its name suggests, is a rhythmic program. If you’ve ever played Friday Night Funkin’, you’ll find the mechanics to be quite similar. also exists a mod for MultiVersus that changes the modeling of Harley Quinn for Power, although at the moment it is a somewhat early version with problems of rigging (the “skeleton” of the character).