The most hilarious questions fans have asked Oda!

As you will see below, One Piece fans ask a lot of questions about the universe of the series, but, obviously, what generates the most curiosity is only a tiny part of it. . Good reading !

Question : Oda sensei. Since Luffy is a Gomu human, does that mean his “penis” can also stretch?

oda : His penis can also stretch.

Question : Odacchi~ a question for you. Is Whitebeard Pirates 3rd Division Commander Diamond Jozu’s penis a diamond? Tell me please.

oda : Yes, Jozu’s penis is a diamond penis.


Question : Yo! So this is our first time talking, Ei-chan. (Ehehe!) I’m so EMBARRASSED! Anyway, I have a question. “Baggy the Clown” can be cut into pieces, right? Which means he can also do it DOWN, if you know what I mean… I can’t be more specific! Don’t make me say it! Don’t draw anything until you answer this question!!

oda : His penis can also fly.

baggy happy

Question : Oda-sensei, hello. Try saying Nami’s special attack “Tornado Tempo” (Torunēdo Tenpo) but insert “chi” instead of “te”. If you don’t say this, you won’t be able to complete the SBS.

oda : This is TORNADO CHINPO. TORNAAADO CHINPO!! OK ! See you in the next volume! Oh wait. Was that… sexual harassment? Yeah…I hope not…

(Note: “Chinpo” means “penis” in Japanese).


Question : Would you like to be whipped by Sadi-chan with me?

oda : What are you saying !!!? You bastard, are you back? A 21-year-old from Aichi! Excuse me, officer, this kid is a pervert. No, not me! ! Eh? Why aren’t you wearing panties? >_<

Question : Oda-sensei, there was something strange during the story. When the king and princes are tied up, their expressions look painful, right? Isn’t that weird? Normally, I think an attached person can’t help but smile broadly, like I do now… You too, right? Shimizu Chagero NP

oda : YOU. YOU. You, what are you talking about? !! It’s a shonen manga!! Ack!! You are that pervert Shimizu Chagero from before!! So your prison term has already expired! ! Ah! Excuse me, officer-!! You see, there he is, that guy who likes to be tied up! Please stop it! ……..Hey!? I am not involved! Hey!? Why ? Why do I also have to be arrested just for not wearing pants and boxers! No, he goes first! Clink!! Ah! Wait, I have deadlines to meet! Wait, Officer! ? Hey-…


Question : I went to study medicine, because I admire Chopper. Eh? What ? You do not believe me ? It’s…it’s true. I admire Chopper taking care of his friends professionally, it’s really not because I want to take a look at Nami’s body, really! Shimizu Chagero NP

oda :PN Shimizu Chagero! It’s you ! When were you released from prison? Hum! Excuse me, officer! Could you stop this kid? He’s a pervert who always disrupts the moral discipline of SBS! (See volume 55) If someone like him became a doctor, there would be all kinds of horribly evil incidents! …eh? What

chopper is crying

Also, a fan asked Oda if Robin could grow her breasts, with her Devil Fruit ability, like other parts and places of her body, and Oda said yes.