The most popular Shonen Jump anime and where to watch them online

In this list there are mythical and current series: Dragon Ball, One Piece, Slam Dunk or Demon Slayer, among others.

The japanese animation series they have a very particular style and many are adaptations of the original manga. Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump is a benchmark in manga publications, making known works such as Dragon Ball, One Piece o Naruto, which are currently ongoing. Starting in the 1980s and 1990s, series began to be exported to the West that today are part of many people’s childhoods, such as Supercampeones (Captain Tsubasa) or The Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya)). They are some of the most popular anime, but below you have the complete list with the best shonen jump anime and the platforms where you can see them.

It is now easier to access anime series from Japan through digital platforms completely legal. Of course we talk about Netflix, Crunchyroll or Selecta Vision which has an option to watch the chapters simultaneously with their release in Japan. In any case, new chapters of anime series like Demon Slayer that it has been a true revelation or One Piece that is living its best moment despite its long history.

If you are thinking of seeing all shonen jump series, here we review the most popular anime that are essential. Masterpieces such as the iconic Death Note or Bleach and other more current ones such as My Hero Academia. We also tell you where to watch the Shonen Jump series online so you can enjoy fascinating stories action packed, a very common feature of shonen manganime, a term that literally means boy, which are directed at a young male audience.

Top 10 Best Shonen Jump Anime And Where To Watch Them

Weekly Shonen Jump magazine achieved great popularity as a result of the dragon ball post, being the best-selling publication in the 1980s. Very prestigious series have passed through its pages, achieving an animated adaptation for television in a short time. We tell you where to see the best shonen jump series nowadays.

One Piece

One Piece is a shonen adventure series.

One Piece is one of the anime most popular and long-lived from Shōnen Jump. There is no doubt about that and today it accumulates more than 1000 chapters and episodes. One Piece is a shonen manganime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, whose story is based on a fictional world of pirates. Monkey D. Luffy is the young protagonist who dreams of becoming the Pirate king as his idol Gol D. Roger, an infamous pirate who unleashed the Great Age of Piracy by revealing the existence of a mysterious treasure called One Piece. You can watch One Piece online and in Spanish on Crunchyroll, a Japanese series website that is very worthwhile.


anime naruto

Masashi Kishimoto created Naruto thanks to his greatest inspiration: Dragon Ball.

This manganime series is named after its protagonist: Naruto Uzumaki. He is a teenage ninja who keeps the Nine-Tailed Fox inside him and is feared in his village because in the past this demon killed many people. Soon, Naruto decides that he wants to become the best Ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village, so he trains and graduates from the Ninja Academy with amazing techniques. The series follows the naruto personal growth and his relationship with the others as he fights to become the leader of the village. Here you can see the order to watch Naruto chronologically because it can be quite confusing.

Dragon Ball

dragon ball goku

Goku is the main protagonist of Dragon Ball.

everyone knows the work of Akira Toriyama which tells the story of a young man of alien origin who arrives on planet Earth. He soon discovers that he has capacities for Martial Arts and that will also serve to protect your friends. It is important to know the order to see Dragon Ball chronologically because it has many episodes, sagas and movies.

Goku is the protagonist of the story that initially focuses on the search for the dragon balls that grants wishes to its bearer. This is just the tip of the iceberg for an action-packed series. spectacular fights and a lot of humor. Currently Dragon Ball is not available on any platform, but Dragon Ball Super is on Crunchyroll in some regions.

Hunter X Hunter

Gon Freecss, protagonista de Hunter X Hunter

Gon Freecss, protagonista de Hunter X Hunter.

This series began its journey in 1998 as a manga, but its adaptation would take more than a decade to arrive. Gon Freecss was abandoned with his aunt Mito on Isla Ballena because his father wanted to become a demon Hunter. When Gon is 12 years old, he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, but first he has to pass the hunter exam, where he befriends three other candidates: Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. The examination carried out by the Selection Committee of the Hunters Association consists of a series of challenges to prove your skills, survival and teamwork. hunter x hunter is fully available and Crunchyroll.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Tanjiro Kamado en Demon Slayer.

As we said, Demon Slayer has had an overwhelming success in recent years. Since ancient times, there are many rumors about the existence of demons that they devour humans In the woods. However, it is also said that there is a demon slayer who roams the night to hunt them down. Tanjiro Kamado will live these gossips in his own flesh when one day they kill his whole family. The only survivor of the tragedy has been her sister Nezuko, but she has been turned into a demon. The young woman still shows some resistance and shows signs of human emotions and feelings, so Tanjiro will begin a long journey. to find a cure for your sister.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

The characters of Slam Dunk.

Possibly it is one of the first sports series of success. Everyone who sees it does not regret it and that is why it has to be on this list. The plot revolves around Hanamichi Sakuragi, a delinquent unpopular with the girls until one day falls in love with a young woman who is not afraid of him. Haruko Akagi encourages him to join the basketball team from Shohoku High School, although Sakuragi thinks basketball is a sport for losers. He just wants to impress Haruko, but little by little he begins to love basketball. From then on, Sakuragi’s dream is win the national championship. Slam Dunk is available on Crunchyroll in select regions.

Death Note

Death Note

Written by Tsugumi Ōba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, Death Note is a animation masterpiece Japanese. Teenager Light Yagami finds a strange black notebook to take notes in, but soon discovers that it has supernatural powers. You can kill any person in the world just by writing their name in the notebook. Within minutes, that person will die of a heart attack. He receives a visit from Ryuk, a shinigami owner of the notebook who dropped it to Earth because he was bored. Initially, Light uses this power to do justice and kill criminals. But it has become a serial killer who the police are looking for.


Ichiro de Bleach

Ichigo, protagonist of Bleach.

Bleach has the honor of being one of the longest running series while the animation consists of 366 episodes. Not bad for a series that started in 2004 and introduced several original story arcs. Ichigo Kurosaki is a 15-year-old high school student who one day becomes a Soul Reaper to replace Rukia Kuchiki. They are also known as Shinigami and their goal is to eliminate souls. As Ichigo accomplishes his missions, he discovers that some of his classmates have their own spiritual powers: Inoue has a group of protective spirits, and Chad has the same strength as Chad. all the spirits which he carries on his right arm.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jotaro Kujo

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure takes a tour of Joestar’s lineage.

this series began publication in 1987 and continues today. The animated adaptation took a little longer to arrive (2012) and has a very peculiar structure that you have to know. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure focuses on the story of the joestar family, whose members are destined to finish off supernatural enemies with the powers they possess. So each season stars a different member of the same bloodline with jumps in time included. Start to late 19th century England with the adventure of Jonathan Joestar, a young man who wants retrieve an artifact powerful. Many anime series have been pulled from Netflix, but Jojo’s Bizarre adventure is still available.

My Hero Academia

The most popular Shonen Jump anime and where to watch them online

Deku is the protagonist of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia is one of the latest phenomena in Japanese animation. And this is thanks to its curious plot: the action takes place in a world where 80 percent of the human population has developed superpowers known as Quirks. Due to this situation, there have been villains using their powers to do evil, so the need to train heroes has arisen. Izuku Midoriya he is a young teenager who is part of the other 20 percent of the population, but his dream is to become one of the best heroes in the world. One day his idol All Might gives in su poder One For All and thanks to this, Midoriya gets to enter the UA high school to develop his skills.

Captain Tsubasa

Oliver and Benji

Captain Tsubasa is his official name in Japan.

Finally, we cannot forget a classic that all children should see. In Japan he is known as Captain Tsubasa, but in Spain he was always known as Oliver and Benji. Tsubasa is the original name of Oliver, an elementary school student who only wants to play soccer and his ultimate dream is win the world cup for Japan. Until then he has to train hard and work hard in every game to be the best of all. Along the way he will make many friends and also a great rival on the opposing team: Mark Lenders. His future depends on his performance, something he tries to do his best to show your talent with the ball.

Here you have the list with the best Shonen Jump anime and surely you knew more than one. They are emblematic series and other very current ones that are succeeding right now, showing that the magazine has a keen eye for stories. If you want more series to watch, do not miss the 90 best recommended anime by genre.

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