The most shocking deaths in One Piece

Complete list with the most painful deaths that have been seen in One Piece.

one piece is an anime full of surprises that has captivated millions of viewers. After 25 years of history, the artwork by Eiichiro Oda is preparing its end that promises to be very epic. So there are many reasons to watch One Piece despite its length. It is a series of adventures with incredible combats, where the protagonist wants to become the Pirate king. However, he has had to witness the most shocking deaths.

It goes without saying that in the next few lines there will be great SPOILERS for One Piece. The Marineford War was a turning point in the series ending with the terrible death of Portgas D. Ace, Luffy’s brother. Possibly one of the most painful losses for viewers, but it has not been the only one. Being a pirate is not easy and the Mugiwara have had to witness different deaths at various times in history.

Since the beginning of the series, fans have attended very emotional moments and really dramatic like the death of Bell-mère, Nami’s adoptive mother. Although it is not usual for characters to die, One Piece has lived very cruel scenes especially on Wano Island where the plot has reached its climax. Below you can see what the Most Shocking One Piece Deaths from the beginning to the current arc.

The most shocking deaths in One Piece

Death is not a recurring resource in One Piece. In fact, Luffy and the other Mugiwara only defeat their enemies in combat, but they are never killed. In contrast, other pirate gangs have less scruples and we have been able to witness very sad losses for the protagonists, but especially for the followers of the series.

Kozuki Oden

Death of Kozuki Oden

Kozuki Oden was boiled alive in a giant pot

We start with one of the last anime deaths that has happened in wano country. It’s actually a scene that happened 20 years ago, but viewers find out what happened to Kozuki Oden through a flashback. Oden faced Orochi and Kaido to protect the town from him, but the result was not what he expected. Kaido defeated Oden and the Nine Red Scabbards, sentencing them to death. The public execution consists of boil them in a giant pot, but Kozuki has a plan to save his samurai. The result cannot be more agonizing because Oden endures an hour inside the boiling fire to end up dying.

Shimotsuki Yasuie

Yasuie's death

Yasuie was crucified and shot before the people

You don’t have to go far back to find another of the cruelest deaths. Shimotsuki Yasuie has a moving story, as he set himself up as the protector of the Ebisu village. The inhabitants of this place fell victim to Kaido’s SMILE artificial fruits, so they can’t Express your feelings more than a smile. Yasuie sacrificed himself so that the kozuki clan plan go ahead and Orochi executed him in the Flower Capital, where he was crucified and shot in front of his daughter. The drama of this scene is that the inhabitants could not cry and instead laugh out loud For the loss.

bell mère

Death of Bell-mere

Arlong unscrupulously shot Bell-mère

The first chapters of One Piece had very hard moments like Nami’s childhood. The Arlong Pirates have threatened a town, where they charge a tax for life of each inhabitant. Bell-mère, Nami’s adoptive mother, cannot pay and confronts the captain of the gang who he shoots her point blank unscrupulous. Visually it was a very impressive scene and tragic for all that this character meant to Nami and Nojiko. And for the first time in the series a death was taught in such an explicit way.

Queen Otohime

Death of Queen Otohime

Otohime died defending peace between races

Following with the history of the fishmen, One Piece rescued this plot in the Sabaody archipelago. From here it is explained why fish-men they hate humans and vice versa. Instead, Queen Otohime did her best to make both races live in peace and tried to make humans aware of this ideology. The situation became even more tense because Queen Otohime was killed in the middle of a political act to find support. The person responsible was a fishman who did not want to end this conflict, but a human was blamed and the situation became even more complicated.



Fisher Tiger also had the Sun Pirates tattoo

To end the conflict between fishmen and humans, one would also have to remember the fisher tiger death. This character was the gyojin captain of the Sun Pirates and always opposed the discrimination they had towards humans. He saved a young girl named Koala and brought her to her village, but they alerted the Navy that riddled him with bullets. The drama came later because Tiger could have been cured with a blood transfusion. Aladine proposed save him with human blood they had on board, but other crew members of his gang like Arlong objected.

Donquixote Rosinante


Donquixote Rosinante’s smile

Doflamingo’s brother conquered all the fans of One Piece in a very short time. From the first moment, the kindness in his person was appreciated, quite the opposite of his wicked brother. Rosinante became the protector of Trafalgar Law, saving his life, and actively collaborated with the Navy to stop Doflamingo’s plans. When he discovered Rosinante’s true identity, his confrontation ended with his gunshot death under Law’s watchful eye. Before he died, Rosinante silenced the young Law so i could run away quietly.


Peter from One Piece

Pedro died heroically in One Piece

maybe it’s the character most unknown from this list, but Pedro served a significant role in the Whole Cake Island arc. He helped the Mugiwara to rescue sanji and foil Big Mom’s plans to destroy Germa 66. The protagonists were preparing to escape on the Thousand Sunny when Perospero reappears that immobilizes them. At that moment, Pedro makes the decision to confront Perospero with a suicidal plan in mind. She says goodbye to Carrot and allows herself to be trapped by the villain to detonate his explosives right then and there. It was as shocking as uselessas you know.

Portgas D Ace

Death of Ace

Ace was pierced by Akainu’s fire fist

Thus we arrive at most dramatic scene in all One Piece because no one can replace the charismatic Ace. Luffy had already done the hard part. He broke into jail Impel Down to rescue his brother, but almost meets death. Still he arrived in time to save him at Marineford which triggered a terrible war between various sides that would mark the end of an era. Luffy faced the Admiral Akainubut Ace stepped in to defend his brother from a lethal blow that pierced his chest. This loss caused such a shock that Luffy went into shock and even today it hurts to remember it.

Goal D. Roger

One Piece reveals who is the new most wanted pirate in the world

So far only Gol D. Roger has been able to find the One Piece

We didn’t want to end the list without talking about the most relevant execution of the series for all that it means. While viewers have not explicitly seen the death of Goal D. RogerIt is the epicenter of the story. The Navy caught the King of the Pirates who found the one piece and before dying he encouraged everyone to overcome his feat. Thus began the great age of piracybecoming an example for many youngsters like Luffy, Shanks and other pirates of the Worst Generation.

These are the deaths more impressive and painful from One Piece, although there are others that we have not mentioned such as the death of Edward Newgate. As it is not something usual in the series, they are very dramatic moments hard to forget. And in general terms, we fondly remember all these characters we won’t see anymore in One Piece. A minute of silence for all of them.