The mysterious new admiral could be the most powerful in all of One Piece

That is everything we know about Ryokugyu, the new admiral of One Piece.

In One Piece, there are countless small powerhouses that have struggled to earn their own place and the respect of other crews, but most of them have failed to achieve their goals. On the other hand, we know that the world of One Piece is dominated by three main powers: the Marines, the Four Emperors, and the Shichibukai., which disbanded after Levely. The Marines, for example, are directly under the control of the World Government.

The main organization was created with the purpose of putting a stop to the pirates and, in this way, prosecuting them through justice. It is a fairly large organization and is full of very strong characters. On the one hand, the marines are directed by the Admiral of the Fleet, but since he does not have the possibility of leaving the headquarters, the other admirals are almost always in charge of the dirty work. In fact, there are three admirals, and currently those positions are held by Kizaru, Fujitora, and Ryokugyu. Of the three characters Ryokugyu is the only one whose abilities remain a mystery to everyone., which begs the question of just how powerful Ryokugyu is. And there is a lot of speculation about it, since the series has not gone deep enough to know what this character can be capable of.

Ryokugyu’s past

Some time after the War of the Peaks ended, Ryokugyu decided to join the Marines. After the fight of Akainu and Aokiji in Punk Hazard, two places were opened for the position of Admiral. Hence, Akainu was promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral, while Aokiji left the Marines and ended up joining the Blackbeard Pirates.

Both positions that became vacant in view of everything that happened, were filled by Fujitora and Ryokugyu. According to Doflamingo, the two new admirals could be considered as “monsters”, especially because of the immense strength they possess. Fujitora was introduced in the series during the Dressrosa arc, but Ryokugyu’s debut came several arcs later.


What we know so far about this mysterious character

As of yet, no one knows his real name, and his only appearance was during the Levely arc, where only his silhouette was shown and, in fact, he was sitting talking to Fujitora. Both they were discussing about the future of Shichibukai and Vegapunk. From the image that has been spread about Ryokugyu and the mystery that surrounds their interaction, he gives the impression that he is a character not given to obeying orders, since he did not force Fujitora to leave despite having received very strict orders from him. Akainu about it. It would be logical to assume that Ryokugyu is also a free-spirited character, who doesn’t believe in Akainu’s Absolute Justice.

But while we get to know who this strange character really is, we will have to settle for speculation about the role he will play in One Piece and how he will use the power he apparently possesses.

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