The new chapter of One Piece shows the awakening of Luffy’s power

What will await One Piece after Luffy’s apparent defeat?

One Piece chapter 1043 has prepared us for the outcome of the battle for Wano, after the apparent end of the fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Kaido. However, who emerged victorious from this long-awaited fight? The leaks of the manga had let us see how the straw hat pirate received a fatal blow from the tyrant, leaving him unconscious.

After being interrupted by the CP0 leader and having knocked out Luffy, Kaido prepares to fight anyone who still has the strength to face him. In fact, this villain issues a warning to the pirate’s allies after his supposed victory: “Straw Hat Luffy is dead! If there is still someone who wants to face me, take a step forward!”.

And in reality, this imposing warning resonated among several samurai who sought to confront Kaido, but in One Piece 1043 we see Yamato’s courage come to the fore: “What good will it do to be alive!? Are we going to be slaves again?” to die of exhaustion!? Giving up doesn’t mean they’re going to spare our lives!!”

The warning prompted his fellow samurai to raise their weapons against the villain once more. Apparently, his words went quite far, as they reached the hearts of the fallen allies. It is because of that in One Piece 1043 we can see that Monkey D. Luffy’s supposed defeat will only make him a stronger pirate, because in the last pages it seems not to have finished there. On the contrary, he shows a smile that reveals great changes in himself. And the way Zunesha phrases it reaffirms the idea that a big event is coming up for the series.

One Piece 1043: The Rise of Monkey D. Luffy

In One Piece chapter 1043, Zunesha mentions the following: “What memories..! I can hear the ‘drums of deliverance. I haven’t heard it for 800 years, it’s definitely there..!!” However, who will be the person who can finally free Wano?

In the final frame of One Piece chapter 1043, Zunesha states that the mythical Joy Boy has finally returned., while a smile is painted on the face of Monkey D. Luffy. It is likely that the straw hat pirate is the reincarnation of this legendary pirate, and if this assumption proves true, we will see the awakening of his force, of a new level of power, with which he can defeat Kaido.


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