The new One Piece Film Red trailer shows us how Uta’s songs sound in Spanish

Fantastic news for fans of one piece. And it is that before the imminent premiere of the film One Piece Film Red in Spain, Select Vision confirms that the songs of the film will also arrive with dubbing, in this case, both in Spanish like in Catalan. And to show this new trailer that you can see heading this news with a first look at how it will sound Uta singing in Spanish from the singer’s hand lookwhich will also be in charge of the Catalan versions of the songs of the long-awaited anime feature film.

That’s how good Uta sounds in Spanish

And it is that One Piece Film Red is a film, in part, musical, with numerous topics that sound throughout its footage, especially due to the presence of uta, the famous singer of the One Piece universe. And while in the original Japanese version she gives voice to the songs performed by Uta the Japanese singer adoin Spain the person in charge of singing their songs will be look.

“Listen to uta in spanish in One Piece Film: Red! This is great news for the public in Spain: the versions dubbed in Castilian and Catalan from One Piece Film: Red will also appear translated in the film, like the rest of the dialogues, for a fully immersive experience!”, They assure from Selecta Vision.

“The well-known Spanish artist Miree will be the powerful voice of Uta in her parts sung in Spanish and Catalan, while the voice actress Marta Moreno will continue interpreting the dialogues of the new protagonist. Do not miss the most anticipated One Piece movie with its songs dubbed for sing and dance nonstop!” they add.

One Piece Film Red opens in cinemas in Spain next November 3, 2022. Are you looking forward to more One Piece? for what it takes raised the film around the world, it seems that way.

Source | Select Vision