The next One Piece: Red film is revealed a little more with a special teaser The Siver Times

By Juliet Faure

– Posted on Mar 23, 2022 at 10:36

Announced last November, the film One Piece: Red is certainly one of the most anticipated animated films. A first glimpse of the scenario had already been shared on social networks in early February. Today, we discover that a new trailer as well as the designs of certain characters, including Luffy, have been unveiled.

You’ve most likely heard of the next animated film One Piece: Red ? Particularly mysterious, we know nothing about this film, even its central subject. Several rumors circulate, some believing that the film would be about Shanks Le Rouxothers from Portgas D. Red, Ace’s mother and companion of Gol D. Roger, former Pirate King. But today, it’s on Twitter that the fan community is agitated.

Indeed, the movie’s official account not only shared the new designs of the Straw Hat crew members, but also an exclusive 36-second trailer showcasing those designs. We discover there a Luffy looks like a real Pirate Kinga Zoro and a Robin who look like a knight or even a Nami who looks like a rococo pirate. It is clear that once again, the designs are out of the ordinary.

One Piece: Red is set to release on August 6 in Japan.

Currently slated for a Japanese release on August 6, it is unknown if the film will be impacted by recent events experienced by Toei-Animation. Indeed, the Japanese animation studio had to pause streaming anime One Piece due to hacking. It is therefore not excluded that the project One Piece: Red was also impacted. For now, no international release date has yet been announced, but there is no doubt that the information should be revealed very soon.