The official colors of Gear 5, Luffy’s new transformation in One Piece, are revealed

There are many questions surrounding Luffy’s new transformation since the last chapters of one piece mangasince with the arrival of the proclaimed “Gear 5” the appearance of our protagonist had very drastic changes, including the color palette that the character has.

In the manga we can appreciate the One Piece characters in black and white format, but thanks to a conversation between Yamato and Momonosuke now We have a better idea of ​​what Luffy’s Gear 5 will look like in color..

The change in Luffy’s appearance is so radical that it was unrecognizable for both characters, as Luffy’s hair and clothes took on a completely white color. To prove it, a panel later we can see our protagonist temporarily return to his normal appearance.

Photo: Shueisha

This will undoubtedly modify some fanarts that had been made of the character, since seeing the shape of his hair in the form of “fire flames” it was assumed that they would have reddish or golden colors (as Goku or Naruto once had).

Well, it turns out not. the captain of the straw hats acquires a whitish color palette both in his hair and in his clothes. Now, new Luffy GOD fanarts have appeared with the help of the reference provided by Momo and Yamato.

What do you think of Luffy’s colors while wearing his Gear 5?


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