The One Piece 1069 manga that revolutionizes the world of Anime, available in Spanish

Before his arrival, everyone has seen the spoilers and leaks of the chapter and next week there will be a chapter available

To everyone’s surprise, the manga One Piece 1069 will be available in Spanish for anyone who wants to read it officially on sunday december 11. To be able to read it, it has to be via Manga Plus. This new chapter 1069 of one piece It’s called Everything Exists for a Reason.

Manga Plus is officially public and completely free on chapter 1069 in spanish. You don’t need to register or anything like that to read One Piece and the many other posts that appear there on a weekly or monthly basis. We can download the app on our mobile device or use a web browser on our PC.

The successful One Piece manga awaits its chapter 1069
The hit manga awaits for an exciting chapter

The new chapter of the One Piece 1069 manga that will arrive in Spanish and officially

After this, you can read all manga like Boku no Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super available on December 20, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Mashle, Chainsaw Man or Jujutsu Kaisen. A piece of news that has the true fans of the series very happy and more now in the Christmas season.

On the other hand, and to take into account, the departure time of the next episode 1070 of One Piece is December 24 at 4:00 p.m. in Spain. Below you have a list with the departure times in all Spanish-speaking countries, the United States and Brazil.

The synopsis of the series is the one that has its fans on the verge of great expectation

This is the great Pirate Age. Gold Roger, the legendary King of the pirates has left the One Piece the legendary Treasure of him and the strongest pirates compete to find it. A boy named Luffy idolized pirates, especially Shanks, the leader of a crew that visited his village.

One day, by accident, Luffy ate a Devil Fruit from Shanks’ loot. Thanks to that fruit, his body has turned to rubber but he will never be able to swim. The day the pirates left the village, Shanks gave Luffy his most prized possession: his straw hat.