The One Piece anime will be up to 3 weeks without new episodes this Christmas

We are approaching the Christmas season and that means that many anime shows their broadcast schedule altered, either due to the New Year programming or the fact that, as human beings, the animators rest in order to spend time with loved ones. Well, today we already have the calendar that explains how these dates will affect the anime of “one piece“, and yes, the adventure in Wano will stay frozen for a few weeks..

One Piece will see how its anime is stopped for a few weeks

Then I leave you with the image that NewWorldArtur has shared In which you can see what will be the broadcast schedule for “One Piece” for the next few weeks:

And in case there are any doubts with the image since the content is in English, write down the following:

  • As you can see, episodes 1044 and 1045 will air without any problems. However, it will be the 1046 that will require the patience of the spectators. ✔️
  • To start, a special recap episode will be released on December 25 That’s good, I don’t know about you, but I never look at these directly. ❌
  • On January 1, given the special nature of the date, a break will simply be applied to the One Piece anime, so we will have to wait another week for his return. ❌
  • So that, it will be on January 8 that the return finally occurs of One Piece with the broadcast of episode 1046. Consequently, from December 18 to January 8 we will be left with a void in which there will be NO broadcast of the anime in question. ❗

Well, nothing friends, patience with the “One Piece” anime, although for now think that these next two episodes are going to be broadcast as normal. In any case, personally this is not going to hurt me’break‘, because With so much good anime that is being broadcast in the fall, the truth is that it is difficult to keep up with everything.

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