The One Piece card game will receive new expansions in 2023, what are they and when do they come out?

A few months ago the first editions of One Piece Card Gamethe official manganime card game by Eiichiro Oda. In view of how well this type of product works in other beloved franchises such as Digimon, Pokémon or Dragon Ball, those responsible for the work got down to work together with Bandai to create something really special for fans of Luffy and company. And it seems they have hit the nail on the head.

One Piece cards are enjoying a big hit in japan, and little by little they are reaching stores in the West translated into English. Right now It is possible to buy some of the starter packs in any store in Spain, so you can start playing and collecting without problems. Now the next question is: When will the new expansions be out? It’s time to talk about it.

Starter Deck – Navy

  • This One Piece Card Game starter pack is based on characters belonging to the Navy and the World Government
  • It is scheduled to be launched in Spain in March 2023
  • Akainu is on the cover and is the one with the most important letter
  • Its retail price is €19.95although in stores like Games Monkey you can get it for €15.95✅

Starter Deck – FILM Edition

  • This other starter pack, as can be seen from its cover, is based on the movie One Piece Film: Red
  • It is supposed to go on sale in our country in September 2023
  • Shanks Y uta are the main characters of this deck
  • It can be purchased for €26.95 (it is more expensive because it is a more limited edition)✅
  • The box includes the following:
    • 51 card pre-constructed deck
    • 10 cards DON
    • 3 game sheets

This is all that Bandai has in store for the official One Piece card game in 2023. Counting these two packs, there are already a total of six starter packs available in Japan, and seeing how successful they are having, it’s amazing. assume that in the future more and more will be announced.