The One Piece figures that choose the best fights of the entire series

Have passed 20 years from the day Luffy defeated Crocodile. Twenty! It happened during episode 126 of One Piece, on September 15, 2002. But no matter how much time has passed, even today they put us the creeps remembering his battle. Robin and Cobra half dead, Luffy bathed in blood and a last gomu gomu no gatling (gatoringu for friends) that broke the roof of the catacombs and launched Crocodile into the skies of Alabasta while a reinterpretation of New World Symphonyby Antonin Dvorak. pure history of the shonen genre that now, thanks to Banpresto, we can take home with a new collection of figures with the great villains of One Piece. It’s called Duel Memories and it has no loss.

The first villain who killed Luffy

crocodile marked a before and after in One Piece. The sandman, the dictator of the desert, Mr. 0, was a turning point in Eiichiro Oda’s work. He was the first villain to defeat and beat up Luffywhom he pierced with his hook through the stomach while releasing a devastating phrase: “This is the difference between 30 and 80 million, kid.” It was precisely because of her that episode 126 was called “I will get over you and it will rain on Arabasta”. That said, goosebumps.

Crocodile figure banpresto One Piece

Crocodile served to introduce the then feared sichibukai (the seven pirates or Warlords who worked for the Navy) and was in charge of Baroque Works (a criminal organization that served as the cradle for such emblematic characters as Robin, Bon Clay, Vivi or Galdino). He sustained with his charisma the longest arc of the dawn of One Piece (more than 40 episodes when none had exceeded 15 until that moment). a villain plain and simple memorable.

Luffy Crocodile Figures Banpresto One Piece

Crocodile’s Resurrection

Its importance has been such that Eiichiro Oda has rescued him not once, but twice.. He did it for the Ace tragedy, that is, the Impel Down and Marineford arcs, in which he challenged and faced whoever got in front of him. Whitebeard, Doflamingo, Akainu… Guts and ambition never lacked him. With the lodge of him Suna Suna (sand sand), strength either. But not content with that second moment of brilliance, the mangaka has brought it back again now, with the Wano arc already finished, to form a new criminal organization alongside Mihawk and Buggy the Clown.

luffy figure banpresto One Piece

Now Crocodile lives a second youth in Cross Guild, a group that put a price on the head of the marines and go after them. The hunters, hunted. Even his bounty has skyrocketed to 1.965 million berries, well above all the new Straw Hat bounty posters. It is possible that sooner or later, seeing the leaders of the Cross Guild, we will have a new Buggy vs. Luffy, the expected Mihawk vs. Zoro and a crocodile vs sanji (or should we say Mr. Prince?). This last one from Arabasta, where they only coincided by den den mushi, but it was enough to sow their rivalry.

Luffy Crocodile Figures Banpresto One Piece

The best One Piece battles in figure

All the villains who took Crocodile’s witness had something of him, and deep down It doesn’t matter which one was your favorite. Enel, Doflamingo, Katakuri, Rob Lucci… they are all part of the Duel Memories collection and have their own figure with base and showing the abilities of their devil fruits. The best fights of the series gathered and crowned with the figure of Luffy launching a red hawk, the attack he inherited from Ace. A fist of haki wrapped in fire that has become his most representative movement and that, in this case, he also throws with the same captain’s clothes he wears in Wano, with which he has knocked down Kaidou using that same attack.

One Piece Best Fighting Figures

Duel Memories Collection at Banpresto

you can find all the One Piece figures on the Banpresto pagemake with them your own combat top and enemies, and show your friends that you are still more fans of Oda’s work than Bartolomeo himself is of Luffy and the rest of the mugiwaras.

One Piece Figures Best Fighting Duel Memories