The One Piece Odyssey demo is now available | we are xbox

The demo of One Piece Odyssey, the new game based on the animated series, is here. Join Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in their next RPG adventure, developed by ILCA, in which we will revisit iconic places, we will control mythical characters and face again the most infamous enemies of the entire series. In addition, it must be recognized that expectations are high, since everything we have seen looked quite good.

The most fans will be able to enjoy this demo for free and it will last about two hours, according to those who have already tried it. This is a golden opportunity, especially for those players who were still not sure what to do in terms of One Piece Odysseyhaving the opportunity to experience first hand what is to be found in the final game.

One Piece Odyssey demo is now available

As we have already mentioned, the demo will be free and you can enjoy the start of the game. In this way, all those players who were not completely convinced, you will be able to see what kind of story the new One Piece Odyssey hides. In the same way, all the progress achieved throughout this demo will be reflected in the final game, so if we advance in this demo, we should have all the progress achieved in our game once let’s buy the game.

own words Katsuaki Tsuzuki confirm that the demo arose to show the reason for the adventure, demonstrate its gameplay and publicize the open world that we will see in the game. A demo these days is nothing we can let go of, since fashion has imposed releases in Early Access, or games released directly without the possibility of trying them beforehand, so being able to get hold of this demo of One Piece Odyssey is a luxury while we wait for the official launch day to arrive, which will be next January 13