The One Piece RED movie will be released in Spain and with a Catalan dubbing

He was playing hard to get, but it has finally been officially confirmed that One Piece RED, the new film based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga, will arrive in Spain at the end of the year in Spanish, Catalan and VOSE. This has been confirmed to us by SelectaVisión on its social networks, in which the distributor of the film has promised to share “more information and news” soon, we assume that about the voice cast and the specific date.

Let’s hope that the arrival in Spanish theaters of One Piece RED did not give much of the 6th Augustrelease date of the film in Japan and when the pirates will take to the sea to become the next Spoiler King.

One Piece RED release dates worldwide and confirmed countries

These are all the countries in which One Piece RED will be released and the confirmed dates for its arrival in theaters.

  • Japan – August 6
  • Premiere in Paris – August 6
  • France – August 10
  • Morocco – August 10
  • Algeria – August 10
  • Taiwan – August 19
  • China – August 25
  • Thailand – August 25
  • Malaysia – September 22
  • Premiere in Berlin – October 11
  • Germany – October 13
  • Austria – October 13
  • Australia – end of 2022, date to be confirmed
  • Canada – end of 2022, date to be confirmed
  • Spain (with Catalan version) – end of 2022, date to be confirmed
  • United States – end of 2022, date to be confirmed
  • Italy – end of 2022, date to be confirmed
  • Ireland – end of 2022, date to be confirmed
  • New Zealand – end of 2022, date to be confirmed
  • United Kingdom – end of 2022, date to be confirmed
  • Romania – end of 2022, date to be confirmed

One Piece RED, the Shanks movie

The synopsis of One Piece RED reads thus: “The Straw Hats, the Navy and millions of music lovers from all over the world gather to enjoy the voice of Uta, the star of the Elegy Island Music Festival. But what was going to be a normal concert will be transformed into something completely different when Luffy appears on the scene and it is discovered that Uta is actually the daughter of Shanks“.

The film will focus on the mysterious figure of Shanks and Oda himself has referred to her in these terms: “If Uta is the daughter of Shanks, why isn’t he with his father? What kind of life has he had? Maybe it’s being time to discover several truths about the so-called “Great Pirate Akagami no Shanks”. Isn’t Oda paving the way for Shanks to become the final villain of One Piece?

Will the mangaka have been able to mark a Naruto and Hinata and will he have left the reunion with Shanks to show it on the big screen? Will the film raise blisters by being canon and essential to the story? Knock on wood and hopefully not, but there is little left to find out.