The One Piece World government has squandered its opportunity to be a major threat.

One Piece is one of the most beloved anime and manga series within the industry, to the extent that today we will delve into one of the points that have been controversial among fans, and that is that the World Government has stood out for maintaining a dictatorial position, since a large part of the laws that exist in the pirate world are made to suit and convenience of this select group.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that this organization has been in charge of keeping the oceans and surroundings of the Grand Line under its absolute control. Likewise, they have tried to manipulate the history of piracy, erasing information and memories, during the empty century, declaring war as it gives rise to pirates.

However, the World Government in the most recent chapters has shown a rather questionable attitude. In one of the most recent chapters it has been shown how the World Government has gone from being an organization that instilled fear to only pity the attitudes of its admirals.

The World Government has been fighting pirates for centuries and everything related to them, initially being the “protagonists” of the series, as they were chasing these fearsome thieves who were doing their thing through the seas to which they could be cataloged. as “villains”.

However, from the other point of view and as the plot of One Piece progressed, the facts seem to say otherwise and that is that the World Government has gone from being the “good side” that wants to do things right, to having vile attitudes of mercenaries and pirates, destroying everything in their path regardless of the consequences, in order to achieve their goals.

In chapter #1054 of the manga, it is observed how Admiral Ryokugyu makes his arrival in Wano, a country that is under immense celebration, because thanks to the Straw Hats and their allies, it has been freed from the domain of Kaido that since 20 years ago he governed it.

Ryokugyu begins to ceaselessly attack this country and its inhabitants, as he is looking for Luffy, since the Straw Hat is requested by the World Government. Greenbull, despite being a naval admiral who should be tasked with protecting the innocent, seems to enjoy causing harm to this newly liberated island, claiming that Wano has no rights and can do as he pleases.