The power and influence of Luffy after Wano, we explain to you

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Let’s analyze Luffy’s impact on the world so far.

Luffy is indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Shichibukai system.

  • He defeated 3 of them (Crocodile, Doflamingo and Moria)
  • Hancock, Kuma, Jinbe, Mihawk, and Law have always been his unofficial/official allies.
  • And Baggy

Luffy directly challenged the World Government, forcing it to react

luffy imple down
  • Declared war to save Robin.
  • Hit a Celestial Dragon.
  • Snuck into Impel Down and escaped.
  • Rushed to Marineford to save Ace.

Luffy is the bringer of a new age

  • He formed alliances to defeat Kaido.
  • Embarrassed Big Mom in front of the whole world.
  • Forced two Yonkos into an ally.
  • Has Shanks on his side ( unless … )
  • Defeated Kaido while his allies Kid and Law defeated Big Mom.

How the world sees Luffy now

  • The leader of the worst generation.
  • One of the four emperors who rule the New World.
  • A thorn in the side of world government. According to the Five EldersLuffy’s Devil Fruit gives its user the properties of rubber in combat, limited only by the user’s imagination, and the user brings smiles to people all over the world; the incarnation of the “Warrior of Liberation”. However, awakening it is said to strengthen the rubbery body exponentially and grant it divine freedom! The Five Sages consider that preventing the fruit from awakening might be worth incurring the wrath of Kaido, one of the Four Emperors, suggesting that they greatly fear the power of the fruit.

Luffy is always active, he changes people and the world around him. With the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom and the elimination of the Shichibukai system, the current world order changes dramatically.

luffy vs kaido

Luffy now has 3 road poneglyphs and is closest to both One Piece and the unveiling of the Age of Void.
He has connections to revolutionaries, many former great privateers, emperors and powerful independent forces like Rayleigh, Zunisha and now Vegapunk.