The producer of Final Fantasy XVI is clear: One Piece is what he most expects from 2023

Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI and architect of the resurrection of Final Fantasy XIV, has confessed his greatest wish for 2023 away from the video game. In addition to the publication of the new installment of the saga, One Piece goes nextand it is that the creative is also hooked on the final arc woven by Eiichiro Oda.

“One Piece. The Final Saga has begun and you can already perceive how things are evolving with speed and impacting hard ”, reveals Yoshida in his intervention in Famitsu. “I share the joy of unleashing everything you’ve built over the years because I felt the same way when we reached the climax of Shadowbringers and Endwalker in Final Fantasy XIV. I bet Oda-sensei is having the time of his life.”.

In addition to his anticipation for the manga, his keywords for 2023 are “learn from the past.” “As someone who is in charge of two games in the Final Fantasy series, I want this year to be a year where I can learn from the franchise’s past and deliver new gameplay and experiences,” he says. Not surprisingly, he also wants the release of the sixteenth installment “to be safe and full of fan enjoyment.”

10 years of the splendor of Eorzea

During 2023 it will also be held the tenth anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV as we know it today. Although the original version arrived in 2010, it was not until three years later that A Realm Reborn did the same, the revival of the MMO with new Horizons and playable scheme.

“Far from giving up (any other company would have shut down the servers without hesitation and started working on another project) Wada’s company has developed an MMORPG at the level of the best in just 2 years, and that must be taken into account”, we said in the conclusions of our analysis. “For those of us who are coming from version 1.0 it is impressive to contemplate what Eorzea had been and what it is today. A real fantasy. Congratulations Yoshida. Now yes”. You can read the analysis in this link.

Fountain: Famitsu