The real origin of Roronoa Zoro’s name in One Piece

The name of Roronoa Zoro from One Piece has a very peculiar origin. We tell you the summary of his story

Much of the fans of ‘one piece‘ consider their creator, Eiichiro Oda, is one of the most prodigious and creative minds that can exist, and as it shows, a button. The creativity of the characters and the incredible world of this series with millions of fans credit this reasoning of its followers. What we are not so sure about is if all these fans know a very particular fact. Did you know that Eiichiro Oda is married to Nami in real life?

The origins of Roronoa Zoro

The origin of the name of Roronoa Zoro has its origin in the 16th century French pirate, Francois I’Olonnais. And we mean a real person. This pirate really existed and has certain similarities, in addition to the ancestry of his name with the anime character.

This former bounty hunter and member of the Straw Hat Piratesis for the vast majority of the followers of the series the first member of the crew recruited by Monkey D Luffyfounder of these unique pirates, and his name is the only one that has a name of real origin and a tragic story behind it.

The beginning of l’Olonnais’s contacts with the sea came from his trip to the Antilles thanks to the fact that he enlisted in the French army to fulfill his compulsory military service. When he had finished it, he decided to stay in Santo Domingo and start a new life accompanied by companies of dubious morality that offered him a life of looting and adventures.

Thanks to his marine knowledge, he managed to get the governor of Tortuga Island to entrust him with a ship, and at that point in his life his legend began to be forged as a cruel buccaneer who ended up being an even worse pirate.

He was known in the Caribbean seas for a certain ability that he forged over time. This pirate liked to torture his enemies in the cruelest possible ways until they were killed. Over time he perfected his techniques that became famous among his contemporaries in the Golden Age of piracy.

The greatest declared enemies of l’Olonnais were precisely the Spanish Armada. The numerous boardings suffered by the Spaniards are countless. He acted with cruelty and excessive violence when he met with Spanish sailors or soldiers. The enmity between France and Spain fueled this hatred for his neighbors and gave him the possibility of being able to release it into the seas. He was branded at the time as “The curse of Spain”.

Among the misfortunes that this pirate went through, one is remembered in which he and his crew were shipwrecked off the coast of Mexico. This circumstance left the Spanish soldiers there destined to attack them and finish off almost all of them on a platter.

In order to survive, this pirate had to pretend to be dead and hide among the dumped bodies and entrails of his crew due to the carnage of the Spanish troops. Smeared in his own blood, he stood still until the Spanish left.

l’Olonnais would never forget it. From that day he swore to finish off any Spaniard. He was ruthless, cruel and did not contemplate mercy. With an excessive thirst for blood, this pirate was capable of decapitating any crew that dared to get in his way.

Another significant event in the life of this declared enemy of the Spanish Crown was with the governor of Havana. He organized a group of mercenaries to hunt down the de l’Olonnais ship and kill the crew. The play turned out to be a frog. The pirate defeated these mercenaries and executed all but one by beheading them. To this he entrusted the mission of transmitting a message to his enemies:

«From now on I will not give quarter to any Spaniard».

l’Olonnais had a tragic end, as is expected of a person of this ilk. His days as a pirate ended when he had come to what is now Venezuela to look for a great treasure that was in the hands of an indigenous tribe. Fate had a surprise in store for him in this last act of looting from him. He was captured by the warriors and died a cruel and gruesome death.

One Piece - Zoro

Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, aka The Pirate Hunter Zoro

Obviously, Roronoa Zoro is by no means the deranged de l’Olonnais, but this character shares a certain taste for using brutality as a modus operandi, just like the French pirate. Of course, without reaching that level of madness.

Zoro is a great swordsman, and many of his enemies already know the brutality of his ways and his skill with a sword. Although he is also known for his great loyalty. As the authoritative voice of the crew, Zoro has earned the respect and trust of his fellow crew members.

But let no one doubt that Zoro would be able to kill anyone without shaking his pulse if the circumstances so require. Even so, evidently, this character is not a deranged torturer straight out of hell. On the other hand, both characters, real and fictional, have another point in common: Both pirates look for any way to survive in situations of great risk.

l’Olonnais used his cunning and the terror he inspired in his enemies, while Zoro is a brave man with a great capacity to withstand everything thrown at him.

One Piece - Zoro

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