The reason why the new Super3 will not feature ‘Bola de Drac’ and ‘One Piece’

Laia Servera explains in a statement to TVienes the reason why ‘Bola de Drac’ and ‘One Piece’ will not be at the premiere of the new Super3 channel.

Canal Super3 starts a new stage under the SX3 brand. Among the contents, it rescues the return of the animes, with the premieres of ‘Inazuma Eleven’, ‘Guardians of the nit: Kimetsu no Yaiba’, ‘Ronja, la filla del bandoler’, ‘Haikyu!!‘ and the new chapters of ‘El detective Conan’. However, the return to Super3 of mythical animes such as ‘Bola de Drac’ or ‘One Piece’ remains up in the air.

«We wanted to premiere ‘L’hora Boomer’ with ‘Bola de Drac’. Now As it is in theaters, it is in the middle of an international contract and until it is finished, they do not want to close minor contracts.. Maybe we will have ‘Bola de Drac’ or maybe not”, explained Laia Servera, head of Children’s TV3, in a statement to TVienes. “The same thing happened to us with ‘One Piece’. It is on an international platform that has paid a fortune to have the rights and we cannot enter“, added the directive.

‘We will fight for’my hero academy’, at least for having the movie. ‘vampire diaries‘ It’s already more complicated because it’s high-end, from 16 years old I think, but we’ll try, “explained Laia Servera.

Laia Servera Drag Ball Super3

It should be noted that during the presentation, Laia Servera also revealed that, due to a matter of rights, animes won’t all be available digital firstbut will be incorporated as they are broadcast on the linear channel.

‘L’hora Boomer’ will be broadcast from Monday to Friday

The new SX3 will also feature ‘L’time Boomer‘. Starting at 10 p.m. from Monday to Friday, the channel will recover the best programming for all audiences from TV3’s 40, with the stories of the old Super3 family, such as Tomàtic and Ruïnosa, as well as the anime that have marked an era. A space for the little ones and for the big ones of the house.