The Sasuke Retsuden anime already has a release date, and this is its first official image

Sasuke Retsuden“It is indeed the ‘new anime’ we will see debut as one more arc of the anime of “boruto“. Taking into account that the manga is still being published (although surely not for much longer) it was obvious that this adaptation was not going to be an excessively long one, but at JUMP Festa 2023, with the gigantic panel full of announcements that the franchise has embraced, these assumptions have ended up being officially confirmed.

Sasuke Retsuden releases a first official image of his anime project

Before leaving you with all the news that they have confirmed regarding the adaptation of “Sasuke Retsuden” as an anime, I leave you with the official image of the project:

And now yes, I confirm what you must take into account at the level of premiere of the anime of “Sasuke Retsuden” as well as the duration of the same (via ShonenLeaks):

  • Sasuke Retsuden anime officially debuts from January 8, 2023. 🀟
  • Remember that it will NOT have a separate broadcast: will be introduced within the continuity of arcs of the Boruto anime. πŸ‘ˆ
  • How long will it be on the air? Obviously it is about something brief, and it is that the arc it will stop come february 2023. 🀚
  • Why then? Well, among other things because it has been communicated that it is when you have thought start the long-awaited Code Arc of the Boruto anime. 🀩
  • With this in mind, it seems quite likely that the Sasuke Retsuden anime will be one that spans 4-5 episodes at the most. πŸ˜•

Yes, it will be a fairly short trip, but at the same time it seems to me that more than one “unusual” from “Boruto” will go through the anime broadcast for this “Sasuke Retsuden”. What makes me think something like that? so what at least in Manga Plus it’s a huge hit. Currently, only “Chainsaw Man” and “One Piece” accumulate more readings than the aforementioned manga in Manga Plus, so it leaves behind other things like “My Hero Academia”, “Spy x Family” or “Boruto” itself. Not another thing, but it smells right.

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