The stops of the One Piece manga for Christmas: These are the dates of chapters 1069 to 1072

Christmas is a wonderful time for many of the people except for a sector of the world population: Readers of the manga one piece legally. And it is that, during these breaks, the chapters are usually filtered a long time before their official release. Sometimes reaching an episode to leak a week and a half earlier than usual.

This happens becausee publishers prepare for the holidays and the chapters are distributed earlier than usual, which causes the One Piece leaks to be more advanced. So you know, if you’re going to wait to read the chapter legally, be careful.

Made this notice, you have to know that in the next month and a half One Piece will be published irregularly due to breaks from Eiichiro Oda and Shonen Jump. This results in a chapter being published every two weeks and it will not always be on a Sunday.

Dates of the One Piece chapters during Christmas

Thanks to Arthurfrom Library of Oharawe have all the information of when will they come out and when not One Piece chapters during this season:

  • Chapter 1069: Sunday December 11.
  • Chapter 1070: Sunday December 25th.
  • Chapter 1071: Friday January 6th.
  • Chapter 1072: Sunday January 22.

Warning! Though that is the official release date on the Manga Plus app and website, leaks and spoilers can start circulating on networks much sooner. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, spoilers already come out a week early, so be very careful if you don’t want to get upset.

The following days there will be no chapter:

  • Sunday December 18 th: If there will be a publication of Shonen Jump but touch break by Eiichiro Odalike every three consecutive chapters.
  • Sunday January 1 and Sunday January 15: There will be no chapter because Shonen Jump magazine is not published.

Besides, there are people who speculate about a possible stoppage of Oda on Sunday, January 29. Which it’s it is very unlikely since the stops only occur when there are three consecutive chapters. Having said that, It’s time to set alarms to remember the chapters Now to not miss anything from the Egghead arc.