The Straw Hats’ next big mission revealed!

Now that the Land of Wano arc is officially complete, fans received some major insight into how the rest of the seas changed while Luffy and the others were on the lonely island. Things have gotten even more intense as they head to the next island on their journey, and it already looks like things aren’t going to slow down anytime soon.

In previous chapters, Luffy and the others ran into a particularly rough part of the sea as they headed towards their next destination. After being caught in some pretty harsh weather conditions, the series’ latest chapter has given fans their first taste of what’s to come. Not only have they arrived at their next island named Egghead, but this new leg of the journey also includes major characters such as Worst Generation member, Jewelry Bonney, and even the Dr Vegapunk.

Dr. Vegapunk at the center of the plot!

One Piece Chapter 1061 picks up after Luffy and the others were separated when they were attacked by a large mechanical shark. Jimbei, Luffy, and Chopper find themselves in a different place on the new island when they save Jewelry Bonney. She explains that the island they arrived on is Egghead, with Dr. Vegapunk’s lab appearing to exist with technology from 500 years in the future.. It is therefore an island belonging to the World Government, and more importantly, Dr. Vegapunk himself works in this area.

Vegapunk saves the other Straw Hats before they get eaten by the mechanical shark (along with their giant robot) and it remains to be seen what happens next. It’s the origin of much of the Marines’ technology, and now the Straw Hats are taking center stage. It remains to be seen where this arc will go and how long it will last in the continuation of the series.