The strongest women in One Piece according to the new reward posters

The subject of women in One Piece has always been somewhat controversial. On one hand we have exorbitant breaststiny waists and planes that look like something out of an eighties porn movie. Sexualization has bordered on embarrassment on dozens of occasions. But on the other hand we find some of the best female characters shonen contemporary. Nami, the “weakest” of the Straw Hats, has more history and is stronger, more capable and independent than any of the Konoha ninjas. The manga tends to navigate between these two waters and Oda must be loved with everything no matter how much she sometimes seems escaped from horny jail.

The fact is that a few days ago he got involved again in networks due to chapter 1059 of One Piece, which meant the return of characters like Coby, Blackbeard and… Boa Hancock. Before the premiere of the episode, it was leaked on networks that it would have a battle between Boa and Coby that would end with the marine as the winner. And of course, no matter how much he has grown and trained, for us Coby will always be that crying and pathetic kid that Luffy abandoned on the first island of the manga (still we thank God for it). That is to say, the possibility of seeing the Empress of Amazon Lily lose with a brat who should faint with the mere presence of her was raised. haki. (A brat who, by the way, looks the only character that ages in this series).

You can imagine the pitched war that was waged on networks. Neither Marineford nor Wano. The defenders of Boa and those of Coby gouging out his eyes. Some failed to argue that Oda was so macho if she did that that she only needed to announce that the pirate’s surname had occurred to her thinking of the play on words hand cock. The others barely had to say that the pink-haired bespectacled had had such a character arc and such an evolution that in reality he was the true protagonist of One Piece. Luckily what usually happens in these cases happened and the author did not make one or the other happy.

In chapter 1059 Boa was seen losing, yes, but because she was facing two enemies at once: the Navy and Kurohige and his crew. And in fact, it was technically a draw, because it caused so much havoc among the rival ranks that they let her go in exchange for freeing those affected from her curse. The Empress may not even have been aware of Coby’s presence at the battle. If it wasn’t for Blackbeard, unique checked from One Piece with the power of two akuma no mi also cheatedAnd if it weren’t also for the fearsome new pacifists, Hancock would have come out on top. Oda did justice. She made him fall, but with her head held high, she even announced her reward poster: 1,659,000,000 berries. That makes her Top 10 living pirates Y current highest bounty woman. The titles that Big Mom held until now.

Although many stay with her for her voluptuous forms and her relationship with Luffybefore whom he behaves like Sanji with any woman, Hancock is an eternally undervalued and sexualized great character. Shichibukai and captain of the Kuja Pirates, she proved indispensable at Impel Down and Marineford, where even Starfleet Admiral Sengoku recognized her abilities. Bearer of the Mero Mero fruit, she is able to petrify her enemies. as if it were Medusa. She can turn anyone who is in love with her to stone, and considering that she is the most beautiful woman in one piece, few men – and even women – are immune. Has haki of the conqueror and fights alongside Salome, a large white snake with red markings. It was slave of the Heavenly Dragons during her traumatic childhood, her history dates back to Fisher Tiger and is linked with Rayleigh and Shakuyaku. That said, a eternally underrated character whom Oda has finally put where he deserves.

Boa Hancock One Piece reward

The strongest women in One Piece

With Boa Hancock’s bounty, the list of strongest women and pirates of One Piece it looks like this:

  1. Big Mom (4,338,000,000 Beri) — Deceased
  2. Boa Hancock (1,659,000,000 Beri)
  3. Charlotte Smoothie (932,000,000 Beri)
  4. Nico Robin (930,000,000 Beri)
  5. Black Maria (480,000,000) — Defeated
  6. Beautiful Betty (457,000,000)
  7. Ulti (400,000,000 Beri) — Defeated
  8. Nami (366,000,000 Beri)
  9. Jewelry Bonney (140,000,000 Beri)
  10. Nico Olvia (79,000,000 Beri) — Deceased

Will Bonney rise in the ranking after his break in chapter 1060? Will we see Charlotte Smoothie again? Will Belo Betty be key when we get to the Revolutionary Army arc? Aren’t there few women? Just three in the top 20 highest rewards? The answer may be yes to everything, but for now let’s stay with the fact that justice has finally been done to the new strongest pirate in the series.

Boa Hancock One Piece