The two great mysteries of One Piece finally receive a connection

The relationship between Joy Boy and Zunesha could finally reveal what happened in the Void Century.

During the end of his last chapter, One Piece revealed a direct connection between the elephant island of Zunesha and the enigmatic figure of Joy Boy, two of its oldest secrets. One Piece is a masterpiece of manga, created by Eiichiro Oda, which narrates the funny adventures of Monkey D. Luffy in his quest to become King of the Pirates and thus find the legendary treasure called One Piece. The plot may seem simple enough, but the world of One Piece is multi-layered, filled with political alliances and endless centuries-old mysteries.of which, many have not been revealed yet.

Several of these secrets have their origin in a rather enigmatic period, known as the Empty Century.; this took place between 800 and 900 years before the events of the main story of One Piece. There are few data from this time because the World Government rigorously destroys any information that exists about her. Because the World Government and its nobles, the Heavenly Dragons, failed to rise to power until the end of that era, it has been theorized that the secrets of what happened in the Void Century could overthrow the World Government. However, despite the great efforts of the government to remove any clues that lead us to the Void Century, little information has survived from this time. It is found in the form of stones with some writing on their structure, and they are known as Poneglyphs.. One of these Poneglyphs, which Luffy and his crew have discovered, contains a letter written by a mysterious figure known as Joy Boy. Although not much is known about this character, we do know that it was he who was in charge of leaving the One Piece on the island of Raftel, which makes him one of the most important figures, who will have a lot to do when it comes to discover some of the mysteries that surround the series.

However, this is not the only thing that Eiichiro Oda had prepared for us. At the end of chapter 1040, se reveals that Joy Boy has a connection to another mysterious figure. The former elephant island of Zou has been getting closer and closer to Wano for unknown reasons, and in this episode, Momonosuke expresses that the elephant he rests on, Zunesha, was once Joy Boy’s companion. This has given fans reasons to theorize very interesting facts about the history of One Piece, and that they could also explain the events that have been eliminated by the government. One is that Zunesha has been wandering the seas aimlessly since the end of the Void Century, as punishment for a crime he committed. It could even be that this crime was committed at Joy Boy’s request, or for his own good.


This newfound connection also raises some significant issues today. For example, there have been some assumptions, by various characters, such as Kaido and Kozuki Oden, about whether Joy Boy might one day return, or at least someone to represent him in the world of One Piece. Since Zunesha was Joy Boy’s partner in the past, the elephant’s journey to Wano could indicate that Joy Boy’s return is inevitable.. If the above were true, it is possible that by defeating Kaido and reopening Wano to the world, Luffy could automatically assume the role of Joy Boy.

Given how little we know about Joy Boy so far, it’s unclear to us what the implications of his return would be for the world of One Piece as a whole, and even if there were any negative consequences for the crew. However, since Momo has the ability to communicate with Zunesha, it is likely that we will learn more about Joy Boy in the episodes that follow. Due to the revealing nature of Oden’s flashback earlier in this arc, there could even be some flashback with Joy Boy or Zunesha partially showing some of what happened in the Void Century and thus finding out what Oden is so worried about. World Government that is known. The connection between Joy Boy and Zunesha promises to reveal more information about the history of both and can be the starting point to discover some of the biggest mysteries of One Piece.

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