The war between Russia and the Ukraine puts One Piece in the middle in a VERY unpleasant way

I am not a person who controls neither contemporary war conflicts nor the socioeconomic causes that can lead to them, that is why I am not going to talk about something like that, but if there is something that I am not liking, it is to see how this is already the second time that a well-known manga/anime license is used to gain favor in a bloodshed like the war in Russia and Ukraine. This time it was “one piece“The chosen franchise, and also with a tweet that I find extremely unpleasant.

The controversial tweet from Ukraine in which Luffy from One Piece is quoted

What I’m basically talking about is next posted tweet by the defense ministry of Ukraine:

What is going on with this particular tweet? So the following:

  • In essence, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has used a phrase from Luffy which reads as follows: ‘power is not determined by your size, but by the size of your hearts and dreams‘, obviously alluding to how the country is standing up to the Russian invasion despite being handicapped in basically every department. ❗
  • I can understand that figures and phrases like these inspire you, in the end that happens to many people, but from there to use something like One Piece in a tweet that basically counts deadWell, it doesn’t do me much good. Because yes, the 59,080 is that of Russian soldiers who have killed. ❗
  • What I don’t understand is that there is even a reply tweet that says ‘the next one from jojo please‘. Again, I do not comment with the intention of taking one side or another, but have we become so desensitized as to make jokes with tens of thousands of dead without more? I’m not made of glass and I like black humor, but it’s amazing how everything gets out of hand in RRSS without further ado. ❓

I have not the slightest idea when the war between the two countries will end or how many more people will die for the stupid ambitions of the usual, but if something is clear to me it is that I also don’t want to see how phenomena created for people to have a good time become symbols stained with blood. There are other ways.

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