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Christmas is just around the corner and the battle for the most desired toys begins to take shape in a sector that managed to move 352 million euros during the first eight months of 2022, 7% more than in 2021. There is no doubt that the figures will continue to increase, since toys are one of the most important disbursements this season and despite high inflation, the sector has high expectations.

In this sense, and to provide an overview of the behavior of the sector this Christmas, the digital marketing agency Estudio34 has created “The online toy studio 2022”, based on the data of the most used search terms in, in the analysis of more than 50 toy stores, in addition to more than 10,000 search terms related to the sector. This list has been segmented and studied according to the type of toy, the brand and the most prominent characters in each category.

Likewise, the agency has taken as a reference the Top 4 leaders in online visibility, from which they have extracted a list of the most relevant search terms, that is, those that have more than 100 searches per month and that appear in the top positions. from Google results.

Toysrus, toy store with more online visibility

First of all, among the more than 50 toy stores that were analyzed digitally, there are 5 that have a much higher online presence: Toysrus (16.91%), Juguetilandia (13.33%), Juguettos (12.87%), Toyplanet (12.60%) and Abacus (11.26%).

Construction games, the kings of Christmas

According to the typology, the toys most searched for by Spanish Internet users are those of construction, with 30.33% of searches, highlighting those related to vehicles, animals, houses, police and boats.

These are followed dolls (13.03%); crafts (6.22%), especially art and drawing; stuffed animals (5.60%) and outdoor toys (5.38%), especially scooters, bicycles and vehicles for children. This year the appearance of wooden toys (5.23%) has stood out, this being a typology that barely had a presence a few years ago.

Considering the family of toys and brands, Lego and Playmobil construction toys have always been very popular among children. However, each year the presence of Lego is greater and with 45.20% online visibility it leaves behind, by far, its rival Playmobil (25.91%).

the little dolls funko, favorites of adults and children, have an increasing online presence with 9.86%, the most sought after are those of Harry Potter, Stranger Things and Spider-Man; followed by the animals Sylvanian Families (5.05%) and Aquabeads (3.37%)

For its part, the top 10 toy families with the most online searches are full of dolls, but it is surprising that the first place is taken by dolls. Reborn hyperrealistic dolls with 29.72%. They are followed by Rainbow High (12.81%), Trolls (10.60%) and My little pony (8.84%). And, surprisingly, they place Barbie (7.80%), Bratz (7.62%) and Nancy (7.26%) well below the podium.

Spider-Man: The Most Wanted Character

For some time now, the fictional characters we see in movies and television have appeared in the toy sector, being sales and search successes. In this way, Spider-Man has become the most searched character on the internet (16.58%). Other fictional characters with great popularity within are Paw Patrol (12.93%), Pokémon (12.91%), Harry Potter (11.12%) and Peppa Pig (8.60%).

And it is not surprising that Spider-Man is the most sought after toy, because Marvel is the franchise with the most online presence, with 44.73%, followed by Disney (34.97%), DC (10.79%) and Star Wars (5.22%). However, and thanks to Disney’s strategic acquisitions, with which it brings Marvel and Star Wars under its umbrella, it has become the majority player.

For his part, heFrozen toys (16.24%) are the most sought after from Disney, a film that, despite having been released almost 10 years ago, is still in the top of mind of children and parents. The second place in the top 5 of the most wanted by Disney is for princess dolls (16.24%), followed by Toy Story toys (12.86%). The new generations are represented in Rapunzel (10.83%) and Cars (8.80%) toys.

Spider-Man once again tops the list, and with a huge advantage, being the most searched Marvel toy, with 44.94% of searches. Second place goes to Venom (13.28%), which is closely related to the superhero. The rest of the top is occupied by characters from The Avengers: Hulk (10.21%), Iron Man (7.35%) and Captain America (6.03%).

As for DC, Batman is the star, with 46.95% of searches and taking great advantage of Flash and Superman (both 18.31%), Wonder Woman (9.86%) and Aquaman (6.57%).

Japanese video games and series

Japanese animes have managed to make a space for themselves in our culture, which is why the games related to the most popular animes are a success. In this way, the most popular anime series is Pokemon (30.41%), followed by Naruto (17.31%), One Piece (11.17%), Dragon Ball (10.83%) and Doraemon (9.21%).

Meanwhile, virtual games become more and more popular among users and Roblox has led as the most searched video game this year, with 46.41% of searches. But not only is it the most searched, but it has taken an impressive advantage over Minecraft and Fornite, which have 12.15% and 11.54% respectively.

Most popular toys by CCAA

The study also analyzes the differences in popularity between the different autonomous communities. Thus, we see that the star toy and character varies a lot between the different regions:

most popular toys

Classics like Nancy, Polly Pocket or Nenuco compete with more current proposals like Smashers, LOL Surprise or Cocomelon.

most popular characters

Some of the most popular series and movies make up this list, with the presence of SpongeBob, Game of Thrones, Pocoyo or Harry Potter.

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