These are the new actors for One Piece | Atomix

After the failure of Cowboy Bebopmany are concerned about the live action adaptation of one piece Netflix is ​​working on. While we still don’t have an official look at this production, The actors who will play characters like Garp and Buggy were recently revealed.

Through its official Twitter account, Netflix revealed that Morgan Davis, who has not participated in many projects, will be responsible for bringing Koby to life. Similarly, Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, recognized for her work in The Sex Lives of College Girls, will give life to the pirate Alvida. With this, Mckinley Belcher, whom we saw as Trevor Evans in Ozarkswill play the role of Arlong in this adaptation.

Continuing with the list, we find Jeff Ward, who took the role of Deke Shaw in Agents of SHIELD, and will be in charge of embodying Buggyone of the most beloved characters of the first half of one piece. Similarly, Vincent Regan, an actor we saw in Troy, 300 and Wrath of the Titans, has the role of Garp. Lastly, Aidan Scott, who appeared on kissing booth 2, will give new life to Helmeppo.

At the moment we do not have more information about the series, but it seems that we are still quite far from having an official trailer. On related topics, one piece will have a card game. Similarly, the production of this live action series is already underway.


Editor’s note:

Considering that one piece is one of the longest running manga and anime in Japanese history, it is more than certain that the first season will cover very little, and if the series is successful, we will see many more seasons in the future. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the public to the final product.

Via: Netflix