These are the One Piece characters that could fight Luffy’s Gear Fifth

These characters could take on Luffy’s powerful new Gear Fifth.

Although little has been seen of the Gear Fifth’s abilities, it could be speculated that these characters could face him.

The Wano arc marked a before and after in the series, since in it it was discovered that Luffy’s Devil Fruit harbored a huge secret, because this turned out to be of the Mythological Zoan type and not Paramecia as believed. Furthermore, upon awakening the true power of this Akuma no Mi, the Straw Hat gained an incredible new transformation called Gear Fifth which has given him highly impressive abilities, limited only by his imagination.

With the recent revelation about Luffy’s Devil Fruit and the new transformation that it has given him, there have been many speculations that have arisen from fans, as they have begun to theorize or imagine. what characters could stand up to it to such overwhelming power that it is seemingly unrestrained.

However, it is known that in one piece there are several characters with unique abilities that could fight against Luffy’s Gear Fifth, because, although they do not have a power limited only by their imagination, they have techniques that could cause inconvenience to the Straw Hat. Next, we tell you the details.

This post contains spoilers for one piece.

Characters that could stand up to Luffy’s Gear Fifth

These characters could stand up to Luffy's Gear Fifth

These characters could stand up to Luffy’s Gear Fifth

The One Piece universe has some characters with really remarkable skillsas their incredible gifts have allowed them to make a name for themselves throughout the New World and the Grand Line, becoming ferocious and fearsome pirates capable of causing conflicts on unimaginable scales.

With Luffy’s new position as one of the Four Emperors of the Sea and his recent transformation (Gear Fifth), it is speculated that many will be the enemies who will have to face on his way to become the King of the Pirates.

The little that has been seen and known about Luffy’s Gear Fifth has made it clear that it is truly overwhelming powerbecause it has the ability to shape its entire environment just by touching it, this being a great weakness for the adversaries who have to face it.

In view of this overwhelming power of Luffy, the big question has arisen, which characters could face him in combat, since apparently he has a wide advantage over their opponents.

For this reason, we have decided to make this post where you we will list which characters could face Gear Fifth from Luffy.

  • Eustass Kid
  • kizaru
  • Dracule Mihawk
  • blackbeard

Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid could face Luffy's Gear Fifth, despite the fact that the difference in power between the two is abysmal

Eustass Kid could face Luffy’s Gear Fifth, despite the fact that the difference in power between the two is abysmal

One of the characters that could face Luffy’s Gear Fifth is Eusstass Kid, since he has shown have great skills with which he has become one of the strongest pirates currently, with a reward similar to Luffy. This has shown the great progress that this has had since his introduction in the series.

Kid has shown that he could be a clear candidate to resist in a one-on-one combat against Gear Fifth, because as is known, this neutralized Big Mom on more than one occasion before giving him the coup de grace along with Law, which shows that he is the bearer of great power.

Obviously Kid’s power and abilities They are not at the level of Gear Fifth of Luffy, but without a doubt, the determination of this pirate would lead him to give the Straw Hat a good fight.


Kizaru's great speed and abilities could be used to deal with Luffy's Gear Fifth.

Kizaru’s great speed and abilities could be used to deal with Luffy’s Gear Fifth.

Undoubtedly, one of the latent threats For Luffy it is the Navy and its admirals, since they will always go in search of him, as they have done on several occasions where they have tried to stop him at all costs.

However, currently, Kizaru and the other admirals they don’t have it so easy when facing the new Yonkou, Luffy, because his Gear Fifth would quickly put them in big trouble.

In addition, it has been shown that in the scale of power the Emperors of the Sea They are above of the Admirals and Shanks confirmed it when he used his Conqueror’s Haki to get Greenbull out of Wano, this being a clear example of the differences that exist between them.

kizaru could give the Straw Hat an entertaining fightWell, throughout the series he has shown that his abilities are truly amazing, as is his speed. However, the great difference in powers between Luffy and this admiral is very noticeable.

Dracule Mihawk

It is speculated that Dracule Mihawk could be a problem for Luffy's Gear Fifth, due to his great swordsmanship.

It is speculated that Dracule Mihawk could be a problem for Luffy’s Gear Fifth, due to his great swordsmanship.

Dracule Mihawk has been one of the characters that has stood out the most in terms of his abilities and level of power, on continuous occasions it has been recognized that his techniques and skills have been they meet Shanks the Redhead. Also, Mihawk is considered the best swordsman in the world.

During the Marineford war, it caused Luffy big problems, because he was besieging him so that he will not reach Acebeing a headache for the Straw Hat at all times.

However, with Gear Fifth, a possible fight between these characters would be truly epic, since Dracule Mihawk has a wide mastery of the swordand cutting attacks, Luffy’s great weakness.

Despite this, things would be somewhat different, since the development that the Straw Hat has had with respect to Armor Haki and the ability to shape its environment would put it the difficult things to the swordsman.


Blackbeard is one of the characters that would clearly give Luffy and his Gear Fifth trouble.

Blackbeard is one of the characters that would clearly give Luffy and his Gear Fifth trouble.

one of the most mysterious and powerful series It has been Blackbeard, since his dark ambitions have led him to make a name for himself in One Piece regardless of the consequences that this entails, just as he has always been doing in the work.

Blackbeard is currently the only character in the series who can make use of two Devil Fruits at the same time, which has led to the creation of various theories about it. Likewise, the evil plan of this pirate has also been confirmed, since he intends to seize the strongest Akuma no Mi from One Piece and in this way have the strongest crew of all the seas and proclaim himself King of the Pirates.

Undoubtedly, Blackbeard’s power is really extraordinary and terrifying, since with his Yami Yami no Mi he can nullify the effect of the other Devil Fruits. In addition to that, the destruction provided by the Gura Gura no Mi makes it a difficult adversary to face.

However, a meeting between Blackbeard and Gear Fifth would be impressive, because as mentioned the skills of this villain are incredible, but Luffy’s new abilities and the great mastery of Haki that he has acquired they would put Kurohige on the ropes.