These custom One Piece VANS are what your feet need

Being a record anime and manga with more than 1,000 chapters issued since it began around the year 2000, One Piece is one of the top works of the Japanese industry, being even common that with the premiere of new chapters today. Let’s see them in trends before the great repercussion and the impact that they suppose.

And it is that, after all, the story of Luffy D. Monkey and his nakamas on his long journey to find the One Piece It has even reached the depths of the hearts of many fans, this being a success that only grows over the years and that, according to the words of its author, is far from over in the short term.

And as has been customary among fans, elaborate different artistic products based on the license It is something that One Piece does not escape either, being so that in addition to what happens with Naruto, the members of the Straw Hat crew also have their piece of the cake.

A shoe with iconic One Pice characters

Once again, it is on Reddit where we have been able to see first-hand the talent of the fans when it comes to translating anime characters into different products, being so, in this case, we have some shoes made by a fan and that has two of the most iconic characters in anime, as you can see in the image that you have under these lines:

Needless to say the good acceptance of these shoes has not been requestedThere are even people from the social network who have requested one, which is great for the author of these since apparently he works on commission for this type of product. Therefore, if you are fans of Donquixote Doflamingo and Luffy, maybe you can see if they can send them to you.

Be that as it may, it is seen that One Piece is a saga with enormous potential, being that its two decades on the air may have caused you to be a bit lost in its history to the point that you may not know some curiosities of Luffy.