These Salvat One Piece figures are so spectacular that you won’t be able to avoid getting them

One Piece is one of the most successful manganime licenses of all time and now you can have its characters at home with these fantastic figures.


one piece is one of the most successful and long-lasting manganime licenses in history. The adventures and misadventures of Luffy and his companions have gathered millions of followers around the world for a whopping 23 years. Eiichiro Odaits creator, already anticipates the end of his great work, with which he has managed to bring together a fantastic group of characters who are already part of the cast of prominent personalities in the sector at hand. Luffy, Nami, Zoro or Chopper among many others They have the recognition of the loyal fans of the best-selling manga in history and now you can have them at home with the new and spectacular figures of Salvat.

And it is that the Salvat’s official One Piece figure collection It’s here to offer the best possible finish for One Piece characters who will be looking forward to joining your shelf and becoming part of your amazing collection – or even to start it, if you don’t already have one. All figures in this collection are made of PVC and they have a high degree of detail attending to the original designs of Eiichiro Oda’s creations that have been seen in both the manga and the anime.

one piece figures

Salvat’s One Piece figure collection has great quality

However, Salvat wanted to go one step further and other elements are also included with each figure of the most interesting and that will dazzle any One Piece fan. Each issue of this collection is accompanied by a poster, the figure sheet and the character sheet that stars it in which its history is explained, where the key moments of its trajectory are recalled and the objects and powers that characterize it are emphasized, so that you have all the necessary information on each of them at hand.

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The first three installments of the Salvat figure collection arrive at a reduced price

To celebrate the return of the best-selling manga of all time and this amazing collection of figures, Salvat puts at your disposal a subscription for 6.49 euros -instead of the usual 16.48 euros for the first three deliveries- so you can receive the entire collection and not miss any number. With the first of them you will receive Luffy, while the second is carried out by Zoro, followed by a long list of characters until you reach number 80, with Luffy Gear.

However, the thing does not end there, since with the subscription you can also receive great benefits and exclusive gifts. With the fourth shipment you will receive 9 postcards with the One Piece characters; with the ninth shipment, a keychain with the characteristic skull of the series; with the thirteenth shipment a personalized mug and with the eighteenth shipment, an exclusive t-shirt from One Piece.

Get Salvat’s One Piece Figure Collection

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salvat premium subscription

The Premium subscription of Salvat’s One Piece figures is accompanied by various gifts

Finally, if you want to have totally exclusive collection material, Salvat also puts at your disposal a premium subscription for only 1 euro more from the fifth installment. Thanks to her you can get a series notebookwhich will be delivered to you with the sixth shipment, a metal plate very cool with the main characters -with a size of 26.4 x 20 cm- with the sixteenth shipment and a custom One Piece watch 4 cm diameter sphere that will arrive with the twentieth shipment.

In this way, you will be able to save on the first orders of the official collection of One Piece figures from Salvat and get even more gifts and benefits depending on your subscription. From the fourth shipment, the usual price is 9.99 eurosa really interesting price considering the high quality of each of the 80 figures which includes this essential catalog for any One Piece fan.

Get Salvat’s One Piece Figure Collection