These still unsolved mysteries that despair One Piece fans

One Piece has been around for 25 years and has over the years achieved the status of the most popular manga in the world. If fans of the work are still passionate after so many years, it is because many mysteries still remain to be solved. We have listed the most complex and intriguing that will be revealed over the chapters of the manga.

For those who are not up to date with the manga, or the anime, don’t worry, this article does not spoil One Piece. It will perhaps remind you of some mysteries that you had forgotten.

One Piece mysteries

In addition to 1000 chapters, Eiichiro Oda had plenty of time to integrate mysteries into his manga, and to sow clues as you go. There are so many intrigues, more or less crucial to the progress of the story, that we even wonder if Oda will have time to reveal everything to us. Obviously, the main mystery of the manga is, what is One Piece? But there are so many more.

Like for example the origin of the Devil Fruits, Florian’s Triangle, the identity of the mother of Luffy or the true intentions of the Gorosei and their power? Which are Vegapunk and Ym? The strength of Dragon, the huge egg on Roger’s boat, what is the meaning of the giant straw hat to Mary Geoise. The Treasure of the Celestial Dragons, the Power of Black beardthe forgotten century, ancient weapons or the meaning of “D”. All these questions are currently unanswered, but should soon be explained by Oda.

The end of One Piece

Oda announced it some time ago, the manga enters its final part and is moving inexorably towards its end. In less than 5 yearsat most, it should be possible for us to understand the universe of One Piece and the mysteries that populate it down to the smallest detail. But won’t Oda forget hidden plots. Like the frozen prisoner at Impel Down, the secret of Crocodile, why Luffy and Zoro spoke about Teach in the plural to Jaya. There are obviously plenty of other unsolved mysteries, which fans can’t wait to find out by the end of the manga.

Unless an element jeopardizes the end of One Piece as it happened for Berserk with the death of the author Kentaro Miura. One of the biggest fears of fans is that the famous and wealthy mangaka dies and cannot complete his cult work. Oda’s state of health has often caused concern. This prompted him to take at least one break per month, in order to rest and continue his manga in a good dynamic.

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