They make him choose between Dragon Ball and One Piece and he loses (unfairly) 30 thousand euros

A Frenchman saw how a golden opportunity escaped him in a television contest

Life is sometimes needlessly unfair. I am quite convinced that the Frenchman who lost 30,000 euros on a television program a few days ago because of a question asked quite ‘pichí pacha’, has repeated the same thing without stopping since then. Because if, in a ‘dad or mom’ that put “dragon ball” Y “one piece“At the center of doubt, a contestant lost everything before his eyes.

How Dragon Ball and One Piece didn’t make someone happy for the first time

Then I leave you with the tweet from @AnimetrendsLA which is how he collected what is of course something quite bizarre:

So that there are no doubts With the situation, I explain well below:

  • Basically, a French TV show contestant was asked the following question: What is the most famous and loved manga by the French?
  • The answers, as can be seen, were 3: Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball, but the first was quickly discarded. Thus, the doubt remained between One Piece and Dragon Ball. ✔️
  • And the truth, here comes the injustice for the contestant, because there is really no right answer as such. The approach is purely subjective, but the worst thing is that the data from the last decade of France favors One Piece. ❌
  • The situation arose such that the contestant marked One Piece, but they gave it as wrong in favor of Dragon Ball. Why have I commented that it is unfair based on data? Because in the last decade One Piece has been the best-selling manga in France every year, and also recently One Piece Film Red achieved the best theatrical release in the entire history of France for an anime film. ❗

Is the “Dragon Ball” answer wrong then? Well, it can’t be given as such., because after all we are talking about one of the most influential works in the entire history of anime and, really, France is a country that has historically always been on the side of Goku and company. That is, in my opinion, this question was completely cheating, and either of the two answers could have been considered correct. Obviously, saving 30 thousand euros is never too much for a program.

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