This animation of Luffy’s Gear Fifth in One Piece is so brutal that you won’t want to see anything else

The incredible work of a fan with this moment.

One Piece is today one of the biggest works of fiction, leading this to the fact that we have been able to see how in more than two decades of anime broadcast and manga publication, the fever for the adventure of Luffy and his crew has not decreased in the least. In fact, with the premiere of its recent chapters that are working as the transition between the Wano arc and the end of the storyit is being seen that fans do not stop showing great support for Eiichiro Oda’s manga.

In fact, in the last chapter of the manga we have been able to see Koby again at the same time that, in the face of what seems to be the imminent war between the Marines and the Pirates, they are already developing a secret weapon to take advantage of this conflict. However, far from talking about the present, we want to deal in this case with what happened a few months ago when Luffy beat Kaidomaking use of Gear Fifth.

A user recreates the moment in which Luffy obtained Gear Fifth

Luffy's family has two gods, which the world government must face

Luffy’s family has two gods, which the world government must face

It should be noted that today the moment in which Luffy acquires his Gear Fifth It has not appeared in the anime, thus giving rise to the fact that at the moment we cannot see this animated moment. However, this is where the work done by a fan who responds on Twitter to the name of Jovzkie Animation comes into play, being on this social network where he has uploaded an amazing animation of this moment.

In fact, when talking about the special repercussion it has, it must be said that the theme chosen for this 16-second video could not be better, since while Luffy moves in a very fluid way, you can hear the classic We Are, this being the best-known opening of the series. You can take a look below:

For the rest, we will have to see what will be in store for One Piece in the future, although everything indicates that what is to come to the series will be up to expectations.

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