This French Youtube star created the buzz in Japan thanks to his imitation of Luffy!

This Saturday November 19, 2022 took place the Eleven All-Stars, a France-Spain football match between streamers/YouTubers at the Stade Jean Bouin in Paris. Announced for several weeks and displaying colossal ambitions, the event has entered the legend of French Twitch by beating the recent record held until now by Squeezie and his GP Explorer, the F1 race which had gathered more than one million online viewers.

An anthology event organized by Amine and marked by key moments such as Sacha’s goal or even the entrance to Inoxtag which made the rounds of networks around the world. So much so that many users across the Atlantic have created a real buzz around the French Youtuber!

Inoxtag makes the buzz in the United States and Japan

If you have followed the Eleven All Stars, you have undoubtedly witnessed the legendary actions of Inoxtag. Between his dance on the field during a scramble between teams or his mythical entry with One Piece sauce, the young content creator has been trending on the networks for a few days.

However, this nod to Luffy attracted worldwide attention. In Japan as in the United States, many Twitter and TikTok users believed that Inoxtag was a French pro player who had made a reference to One Piece in the middle of an international match.

“Luffy is so iconic that professional soccer players are replicating his moves. It shows how much anime love many athletes.”

TikTok account “monarch.”

Inoxtag’s reaction

Of course, all this reached the ears of the Youtubeur, who reacted with humor: “Ptdrrr so there’s a rumor going around among the Americans and the Japanese who think that I’m a pro football player […] I don’t think they know that my only action of the match is to have zouké on the lawn, but hey, I still have more trophies than Payet.” (Source)

Like what this meteoric entry of the content creator at the Jean Bouin stadium will not have marked only French-speaking Twitter. For the Youtubeur, this is a reference to his favorite anime, whose protagonist has been his Twitter profile picture for several years now. A beautiful tribute to a work that matters to himwhich will have crossed borders and brought a smile to One Piece fans around the world.

This French Youtube star created the buzz in Japan thanks


It was last week that Inoxtag celebrated the opening of its Minecraft server called OneCube. The evening brought together flagship streamers from Twitch FR but also two legends of Mojang’s game: Bob and Fanta. The latter did an action that clearly did not please everyone …

This French Youtube star created the buzz in Japan thanks


While last week the #RIPTwitter was at the top of the platform’s global trends, its new leader seems to want to involve his community in some of his decisions through polls.