This girl is the living embodiment of Nami in her amazing One Piece cosplay

An artist and fan of one piece has given us a beautiful version of Nami in an cosplay which proves that the red-haired pirate exists in the real world.

Nami has evolved quite a bit throughout her journey in the company of the good Monkey D. Luffy and as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. She started out with the Arlong Pirates and initially joined the Mugiwara in order to rob them, but she officially joined after rebelling against Arlong.

After this, Nami changed her look over and over and over again throughout the anime, something like Bulma in dragon ball. For example in Water Sevenwore a purple shirt, a white miniskirt, and orange heels, while in thriller barkShe was wearing a pink blouse, brown skirt, and high-heeled brown boots. Although without a doubt one of her most famous and favorite outfits by her fans is the one she wore on Sabaody and on Gyojin Island where the Cat Thief, in addition to increasing body size and letting her hair grow long, She wore a green and white bikini, high-waisted jeans and orange sandals, just like this girl in her anime cosplay.

Photo: Instagram – @dardasisters

As you can see, this cosplayer maintains a great resemblance to the character of Eiichiro Oda, obviously because of the physique, although the props of his anime cosplay wow they help her look identical to the Straw Hat pirate.

The iconic green bikini top with white accents, and skinny jean shorts that are barely visible in the photo. She wears an orange wig to recreate Nami’s hair, and bears the same mark on her left arm as her character.

What do you think of this sexy cosplay from Nami from one piece?


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