This HUGE surprise will delight all One Piece fans

Good news for One Piece fans! An arc will see the light of day in the anime in order to introduce the upcoming RED animated film. We will explain everything to you.

A new arc to introduce the RED movie

We told you about it some time ago, the film One Piece RED will see the light of day in France earlier than expected. the August 10, that is, only 4 days after the official release in Japan. This is the first time in history that an animated film will be released so quickly in France. Suffice to say that the expectation and enthusiasm around this film One Piece are huge. But the ToeiAnimationwhich manages the broadcast of the anime, has not finished delighting fans of the work ofEiichiro Oda.

A new surprise should delight the large community watching the anime since a transition arc counting 5 Where 6 episodes will see the light of day just after the end of the Wano Kuni war, in order to introduce the events of the film RED. Perhaps the opportunity to see Shanks take action in the world of piracy?

Finally an appearance of Shanks?

This mini transition arc may be the only chance to see Shanks in 2022. Indeed, the manga and the anime are centered on the Onigashima war and the clash between Kaido and Luffy. The film REDalthough it alludes to the emperor of the seas, made us understand in its last trailer that thestory would instead focus on the daughter of Luffy’s mentor.

So this next arc, available in the anime, will be (maybe) the opportunity to learn more about Shanks Le Roux and his reputation as a powerful man both physically and in his dealings with the highest ranks in the world of One Piece. For the moment no date has been confirmed, but a broadcast in July seems likely on the schedule for the release of the film.